10 Of The 90s Comics With The Worst Art Styles, Ranked

The animation industry has always been defined by how it looks. Animation is one of the most important aspects of animation, but some of the ’90s hits and misses have aged very poorly when it comes to their visual style. No matter what technologies are used, these offerings cannot match their competitors.

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Terrible animations, simplistic designs, poor color palette, and uninspired background scenery are just some examples of how animation can be undervalued. Budget and time will always be constraints on the industry, but compared to the successes of the ’90s, it’s amazing how much these looks can air.

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10 Mona the Vampire (1999-2006)

Vampire Mona He is somewhat of an honorable mention due to the majority of his run taking place in the 2000s. But it’s fair to say that her visual style was heavily influenced by the ’90s. The show debuted in the latter part of the decade. Mona She was creative, vibrant, and kinetic in her animation.

animation Vampire Mona He had to appeal to a younger audience. However, her character design was sorely lacking. Apparently using copy-and-paste syntax, each shape looked simple and blurry. Only costumes and hairstyles created any differentiation. The same lack of detail went into the background settings as well, with Mona trekking through a variety of lackluster scenes.

9 A Puppy Named Scooby-Doo (1988-1991)

Scooby-Doo opening pup logo

Incredibly catchy tone and some iconic characters can’t be saved A puppy named Scooby-Doo From fading into obscurity. Although it had some time in the ’80s, the ’90s still tried to revive the series. Issues with the art style eventually came down to the original concept.

A puppy named Scooby-Doo It was supposed to be a prequel of sorts, featuring younger iterations of Scooby, Shaggy, and the team. Reminiscent of the comics, this stylistic choice really limited what could be achieved. The animators chose poorly designed outfits for each character that were meant to hint at their future appearance. They felt bad about being pregnant during their execution. There was no originality to the art style and the only way the characters looked younger was basically by making them a little younger.

8 Robot (1994-2001)

Bob and his friends at ReBoot

The 1990s was an era of experimentation for the cartoon industry and some of these shows had dipped their toes in CG animation, but the technology wasn’t good enough for that time period. series like Reboot They were released half-baked and visually confusing.

despite of Reboot It took some big twists when it came to the initial sci-fi concept, the animation just couldn’t live up to expectations. It was almost impossible to bring true feelings to Bob and his allies thanks to their still faces. The ragged way the scenes will play out can only be attributed to the rough nature of this animation style. The artists were still dealing with the technology. Reboot It’s getting terribly old but at least you’ve tried something new.

7 Beast Wars: Transformers (1996-1999)

Cheetah tries to take cover in Beast Wars: Transformers

CG animation was supposed to be the next big thing in the world of animation and major properties sought to test it. transformers progress with monster wars An ambitious animal-based property that needs the latest technology to really work. She didn’t have what she needed.

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monster wars It’s definitely a nostalgic show for fans, though no one likely remembers how limited the animation was. The entire show looked as if it was still in its early days of development. It was unpolished and lacked the charm his hand-painted predecessors were known for. It would be generous to say that an art style has already been chosen for transformers series.

6 Dumb and Dumber (1995-1996)

Dumb and Dumber animated series

Dumb and dumber This was such a direct hit that it made sense to produce it in an animated format. After all, slapstick comedy made use of visual gags and this should have translated well in animation. But the cast’s charisma was sorely lacking.

Art style Dumb and dumber It was boring and monotonous. It lacked a vibrant color palette and relied on cheap cartoons rather than really interesting character designs. With basic backgrounds and the simplest outfits imaginable, the project felt like it had just been shoveled to the screen.

5 Iron Man (1994-1996)

Iron Man stands ready for battle in the animated show

The history of Marvel animation has been marked by projects that have taken very interesting artistic directions. graphic styles like Spider Man And X-Men They have gone on to influence comedy and live productions while drawing inspiration from original material. But the Iron Man The flashy presentation approach cannot stand up to the same scrutiny.

The most important aspect for Iron Man The animation to get it right was the suit. But with a bulky chassis and glowing colors, it totally misses the mark. There was no scene that looked like a comic book panel, and the severe lack of detail on the character’s face countered the ability to express emotion. Many of the options were simple.

4 Doug (1991-1994)

Doug holds a comic book at Doug's Hot Property

Doug It was a beloved series that became a huge hit. The amazing cartoon character is ruined by the lack of detail that went into his creation. From top to bottom, creators Doug Try a simpler approach. This backfired severely.

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from direction Doug At least he had a distinct style, even if it was a familiar style. But on the other hand, that’s because each character was about as basic as they could be. Simple lines and geometric shapes shaped the characters, but they weren’t enhanced by clothes, animations, or even backgrounds. Almost nothing has been visually innovative and there have been countless shows since then that have repeated the formula.

3 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1995-2000)

Ace Ventura with a monkey in a cartoon show

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, It was another big screen comedy that ended up being adapted into the animation space. Once again, a quirky slapstick comedy should work perfectly in the medium. It’s unbelievable how far the feel and tone of the animation has departed from the original hit. The animation is partly responsible.

creators on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective I decided to take a caricature approach. Ventura himself was hardly known under this art style. Even the animals were completely weird, as if the animators had never seen the creatures they were drawing. The extra characters were so formulaic in their design that it’s almost impossible to remember a single face besides the introduction.

2 The Grant Brothers (1994-1995)

The brothers grunted

One cartoon that audiences are never afraid of rebooting is The brothers grunted. Adult animation is still treated as one of the worst of all time. While Bottom of the Barrel’s humor may have been an important reason for this, the cartoon’s visuals were also grim.

The brothers grunted He used a hideous style of character design that made every frame sickening to look at. The show was clearly looking for the shock factor and some credit for its success should be given in that area. Unsurprisingly, the series never took off. No amount of suspenseful jokes can make up for terrible character creation. The unnatural way you move your leads only added to the spectacle.

1 Sharks (1994-1997)

The four sharks celebrate

It’s hard not to make comparisons Sharks in the streets And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This animal-based superhero team is designed to help sell toys. This meant that visually, someone had to put together the building blocks of the franchise. They needed four different shark designs, which were varied enough that kids had to buy each action figure. at this level, Sharks in the streets succeeded.

However, to point out that there was nothing innovative in the appearance Sharks in the streets The characters are completely lying. Any semblance of an interesting location or prop has been pushed to the side in favor of more game designs. And so the bad guys followed suit, with techniques that could simply be manufactured on a conveyor belt. A monster in a robotic suit, a few crocodile-like monsters, and a funny crab look just like in any other show.

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