10 tips to become a Pro Sims 4 creator

althoug The Sims 4 It is first and foremost a life simulation game, for many players it is also a way to unleash creativity by building and designing homes and public lands. With so many features allowing for a variety of design options, many gamers are only limited by their imagination.

However, there are some tricks that many have discovered that are used in building good homes The Sims 4 And turn it into something that looks like it was designed by professionals. These tricks include everything from a simple roof modification to ways to unlock hundreds of new items.

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10 platforms (floor levels)

Different floor levels in Sims 4

One simple modification that can give a simple home a whole new look is platforms. This is another way of saying that players can change the settlement of different areas of their homes in it The Sims 4. There is a leveler that can be used to do this, but if applied to an exterior wall, it will erase the entire wall.

The way around this is Create a room with walls As usual above the area to be raised, then Raise the floor to the desired height And Remove the interior walls. Players can raise the height to varying lengths to create small step platforms, just be sure to adjust the ceiling height if they are built higher.

9 Moveobjects Cheats

Image from The Sims 4 showing the MoveObjects cheat

Moveobjects cheat is one that many gamers know about because it is one of the most used in the game. Simply put, moving objects cheats can be started by opening the command menu (Command + Shift + C) and write bb. moveobjects Players will be allowed Place the objects anywhere they want in the game. This means that players can Ignore pre-programmed boxes on floors and walls and are no longer limited to placing things in a certain way.

Allow for elaborate constructions The Sims 4 It wouldn’t otherwise have been an option. However, be warned Things won’t work when laid out that wayThey will serve as decoration. So use it for things like the picture frame, not the door.

8 Ceiling cleaning

Roof options are shown in The Sims 4

One of the key aspects when it comes to roofers that can make them feel more professional is knowing when to split them. Having an entire roof piece often leaves different sections overlapping or makes them look simplistic and boring.

Divide the widget into sections It can be one piece otherwise allowing players more control. For example, if two roofs intersect, then End segment lengths can be altered to prevent what appears to be an unnatural roof in unique The Sims 4 Builds. Players can change only one side of the roof part by pressing shift when moving the small arrows.

7 Floating object cheats

Floating objects in Sims 4

For this cheat to work, bb. moveobjects The Sims 4 Cheating in the game must be active. Although this may seem kind of the same, it is not. If you’re simply trying to use animated objects to place an item like the keys above anywhere on a table, it won’t work. Simply because this cheat only works with the direction points in the piece, not on other objects.

So in order for something to be placed on a table anywhere, it has to be floating. To do this, players need to lift the object (Control + 9) up to table height. Now with the animated objects turned on, they will be able to move them where they wish, at the correct height. Then slide the table back under the floating object and voila, it will appear laying on the table. Control + 0 Can be used to cut things too.

6 Unlock all job furniture

The Sims 4 Furniture screen showing unlocked furniture

One aspect that can be somewhat annoying when building in The Sims 4 Prohibited items associated with certain functions. There are many simple items, such as office chairs, that are locked unless the Sim has pursued that specific profession and has reached the level to unlock it.

Fortunately, there are also Cheats to unlock all items Like this, so players can build freely with anything they want. After the list of commands opens, type bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement Which will unlock everything to use freely in any build.

5 Show hidden objects

Hidden objects in Sims 4

Showing hidden objects is another The Sims 4 The cheat code is similar to unlocking professional items. It will grant access to locked stuff, but in this case, it is Unlocks hidden objects that are not otherwise in the building menu in the first place. To do this, open the list of commands and inputs bb. showhiddenobjects This will add a whole bunch of items that weren’t available before.

Some of these items are even used in public spaces such as water towers, large signs, or even entire simulated houses, to be used as decoration and to give the community a natural feel.

4 Scale objects up or down

Three objects have been zoomed up and down in The Sims 4

With cheating in scaling The Sims 4players can Resize things. However, similar to animated objects, anything outside of normal size will do not working properly. So this is only for items that will go off Purely be decoration. This is a great option for extending things like plants, rugs, or even wall decor This does not quite fit into the intended space.

Since these items have no functional purpose for Sims, scaling them up or down will not have any additional contraindications. To scale an item, players will need to use the bracket keys ((,)).

3 custom flooring

Different custom floor patterns in The Sims 4

Although it may not seem necessary to change the flooring since there are so many options out there The Sims 4Players may either want to switch the direction of certain boards in a specific area or even create a custom pattern. using greater than or less than keys (<،>) Players are capable of this Rotating floors.

More than that, using Control + F will allow them to select only a triangular section of the floor Which can be used to create custom patterns of diamonds or anything players can think of by combining different floor patterns together in new ways. This allows for fewer restrictions and more customization when it comes to flooring.

2 Cheating on the shelves

Shelves in Sims 4

This is very similar to the floating objects cheat for tables, but it will be used for what it is shelving elements, including bookshelves or wall-mounted cabinets. Many of these items have gaps open on them with no holes available to put anything in, so they just have to stay the same.

Well not anymore, using the same cheat floats The Sims 4 (Control + 9), players can place a cabinet or shelf on the wall and then place something on the floor below it. Then they can Slide this object up the wall until it appears to be sitting completely on the shelf. This gives homes more of a sense of living and prevents them from feeling empty.

1 sunroof

Roof hatch in Sims 4

When it comes to ceilings, though there are plenty of tricks to get cleaner roofs, there are also many interesting designs players can make if they’re willing to experiment a bit. For example, players can craft Custom roof openings by segmenting the roof and trimming individual sections.

Players will need to use a Half gable roof And divided it into three sections. Then they would need to cut back the middle section and create another piece of the roof as the finish. Then the midsection can be turned into an empty roof, so players will have their own custom roof hatch The Sims 4 which they can add to brighten up any home.

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