11 cozy living room ideas from designers on how to make your interiors more comfortable

Are you longing for a comfortable living room? To transform a formal area, you’ll need more than just a comfortable throw, though having one is definitely a plus. For a multi-purpose space that’s kid- and pet-friendly, as well as a hub for movie marathons, game nights, and plenty of meaningful conversation, your living room needs to be understated and easily accessible, especially as everyone settles down in the winter months. Even if the space doesn’t have a fireplace, there’s a lot you can do to create a cozy living room, from lush furnishings to a spacious coffee table that will hold all your glasses of wine. advertisement Talk to designers Suzanne Dawson of Suzanne Dawson Interiors in New York City and Frank Ponterio of Frank Ponterio Interiors in Chicago to discover the top 11 things you can do to create a comfortable living room.

1. Reconfigure the room for more conversation

A cozy sectional will keep the conversation going in this Ponterio-designed space.
Dustin Halleck

You can rearrange the furniture in your living room fairly easily, as long as you have a strong and patient helper. The goal, Bonterio says, is to create a central gathering area as well as at least one intimate area. Pull chairs from smaller groups to get extra seating, Ponterio adds. Dawson recommends two similar-sized sofas directly facing each other or an L- or U-shaped sectional with a coffee table in the middle and club chairs all the way around to create a conversation area. The table can be for snacks, games, puzzles and cocktails.

2. Pay attention to the finishes

Texture on the furniture, Bonterio notes, feels relaxing.
Photo: Dustin Halleck

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