12 Most Popular TikTok Home Products That Are Actually Worth Buying

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If you have a love-hate relationship with TikTok (love the content but hate the amount of time you spend on the app), you’re not alone.

You may have noticed that TikTok users are increasingly obsessed with trying out products in all categories (hello, mascara for sky-high lashes and heavy-duty hoops for at-home workouts), but some of the best TikTok products are for your home from Amazon — and they really come in handy.

There’s even an entire “TikTok Made Me Buy It” category where users showcase their epic TikTok purchases in action. You’ve probably seen some cool gadgets that you may or may not have bought while scrolling endlessly on your page. (Who hasn’t shamelessly bought a galaxy projector yet?)

You might not think you need a portable dishwasher, but TikTok will, unfortunately, make you think otherwise. Here are some of Amazon’s most useful viral TikTok products for your home that we promise are actually worth spending your money on.


The Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat and Holder will make even the messiest of chores so much easier.

$10 at Amazon


The drain will not be clogged and is cat shaped. TL; DR: We’re obsessed.

$12 at Amazon


The drain will not be clogged and is cat shaped. TL; DR: We’re obsessed.

$15 at Amazon


Speaking of showers, TikTok says these shower steamers are the easiest way to fake a spa day without a bathtub.

$26 at Amazon



If your bathroom has less than ideal storage space, these sturdy acrylic shelves are the most elegant solution.

$33 at Amazon


Yes, you can catch up on the “caliphate” while you’re in the shower. You love to see it!

$14 at Amazon


Everyone on TikTok says this is more fun than your average bedside lamp.

$20 at Amazon


Don’t have a dishwasher and are too lazy to wash your dishes? No judgment (same). Thank God this portable mini dishwasher exists.

$350 at Amazon


This pink stuff (heh, get it?) pulls it all off. Everything.

$6 at Amazon


Yes, we’re counting these viral oversized pants that are still popular three years later as a household item because sleepwear is key to a cozy home.

$18 at Amazon

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