20 colorful abstract paintings to give your home a fall decor update

With housing prices soaring, homeowners are still eager to make their home a home, allowing the DIY world to expand almost exponentially. This fashionable practice has given birth to many little-known affordable DIY products And Surprisingly effective.

But many of these items still seem like a gamble. How long will this really last? Is it really as easy as it looks? Is it worth it?

As a self-proclaimed cheap and stubborn DIYer, I’ve tried many do-it-yourself hacks, products, and tools over the years. Of the plethora of tried and tested products, a few stand among the elite. Add these products to your cart for your DIY home project, or keep them on hand for whenever inspiration strikes next.

Rust Floor Paint Kit ($70)

Replacing tiles can be very expensive, and it’s even more difficult to remove them yourself. This easy-to-use set is designed to cover and seal your floor while giving it a whole new look. Our bathroom floors It was also that off-white, and painting it black was exactly what the room needed. The product description features that it can be applied to “a wide range of flooring types including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, concrete, hardwood, laminate, vinyl and more.” It comes in several colors with a matte or semi-gloss finish.

Paint and Sealant Pen ($9)

Your tiles may be in good shape, but your grout may have seen better days. It is not uncommon for grout to wear out throughout the year, even when maintained properly. If your tile grout needs a little touch-up, a fine-tip grout pen can save you hundreds of dollars. It has a subtle tip, low odor, and dries quickly for an instant refresh.

Touch-Up Paint Pen (Pack of 2 for $20)

Save yourself a headache or two and stock up on a few Paint pens. Refillable pens allow you to keep the paint inside and cover up the scratches, marks, or scrapes that inevitably happen in the home you live in. It keeps paint fresh for up to 7 years, so you don’t have to worry about the mess and hassle of finding the paint color, opening the can, and painting the wall – all just for a little spot. Bonus points for naming each color so you know which room it corresponds to.

Brick White Laundry Kit ($50)

If your home has a brick interior, or you have a brick fireplace that looks dated, you can easily update it by whitewashing it. This kit eliminates most of the guesswork when it comes to proper measurements and application. You can customize how dark the wash you want and easily complete this project in a week.

Spot Markers ($15)

Don’t panic about scratches or stains on your wood furniture – this set of markers and crayons lets you hide imperfections. The packaging comes with a variety of shades that can be used alone or combined for color customization. if I were Second hand shopping, this is a must. They revive beloved pieces and restore them to their former glory without much effort.

Leather Repair Kit ($25)

Used and grained leather often shows wear and tear that seems irreversible. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to revive your great leather sofa, and luckily it doesn’t involve spending hundreds of dollars to reupholster it. this Leather repair kit It allows you to blend the perfect shade of leather and bring your old sofa back to life.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper ($36)

The suitable tenant background has been around for a while, but if your previous experiences have been negative, I strongly encourage you to try again. Sticky wallpaper has come a long way in terms of durability, available patterns, and ease of installation. Most brands make their wallpaper in this less permanent design, which relies on self-adhesive material to stick to the wall rather than wallpaper stick. The best part is if you change your mind or walk out, it will flake off right away. You can find every style under the sun, plus some finishes to spin your creative wheels. For example, this Marble wallpaper/contact paper Can be adhered to countertops or to desks Faux marble finish looks expensive But it is not. in addition to, Removable wall decals Very popular if paint isn’t an option, or if you’re worried about it Get clean lines.

Decorative Window Film for Style and Privacy ($10)

If you live near your neighbors, you may always choose between privacy and natural light. these Decorative window films Allow light to pass through without exposing your home to the entire neighborhood. Not to mention, some bounce light in such a fun and unique way that it works as art in itself. You can even find some pretty amazing ones Variations of “stained glass” They add character and charm to your home while also being practical. It is very easy to do and can even be cut to fit your specific window.

Magnetic Garage Door Accents ($17)

Curb appeal can be a major cost and headache. But small changes can make a big impact in the end, and that’s what I love about these Magnetic garage door accents. They stick directly to your garage door without obstructing its use, but still add an upscale custom look. It seems silly to invest in a new garage door or “real” accents when something this real and easy exists.

We’re all too quick to “buy new” rather than fix things in our home, but having an arsenal of DIY products that you can draw upon to revamp your old stuff will give you a lot of freedom in your home. These simple, budget-friendly projects will save you money, time, and effort when creating the space of your dreams.

What are the things you must have at home? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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