34 Best Pantry Organization Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Neat

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Put old finds to use

Pantry organization shelves
Becky Luigart Stayner

Skip the plastic storage bins and pull out your favorite old items to keep your shelves organized. Bread tins, torte tins, mason jars, Pyrex trays, crate tins, and snack tins all do double duty as stylish organizers.


Bread crate storage

pottery storage organizer
Becky Luigart Stayner

In the early 1900s, bakeries delivered their goods in bulk in shallow wooden crates. Now, simple boxes provide storage for just about anything in your pantry, like your collection of cookware that pairs well with stoneware.


Cubby soda box

Pantry organization
Becky Luigart Stayner

The small slots of these old wooden soda crates are just right for holding your most commonly used herbs and spices. Simply stack the boxes on their sides, filling as desired.

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Utensil pockets

Organizing pantry spoons
Becky Luigart Stayner

Keep pots tied with this DIY idea. To make a cut of thick linen or burlap to your preferred size, fold it under the edges, and nail it into place on the cutting board with upholstery tacks.


Use the dish rack for more than just plates

Dish rack in pantry cupboard with mixer tap and basin
Becky Luigart Stayner

This versatile piece can be used to store cookware and baking containers, such as pie plates, cooling racks, baking sheets, and more.


Associate it with color

Yellow and white kitchen pantry
Photographers Gridley + Graves

That’s right, even your pantry can have its own color palette! If you want this space to feel less busy, try creating a cohesive color scheme to clean it up and keep it organized.

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A pair of baskets and boxes

Organize the pantry with large bins
Brian Woodcock

This pantry is really for us, thanks to its mix of natural baskets and metal bins. You can group similar items together, making it easy to find what you need without each piece perched alone on the shelf.Talk about chaos!


Clean with clear containers

Store organization
the citizens

Consider pouring it all in! The clear containers allow you to easily find what you’re looking for and keep everything neat and organized.

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Warehouse organization

Warehouse door organization
David Tsai

When organizing your pantry, don’t forget about the pantry door. You can really maximize your space by adding organizational shelves or accessories to the inside of the door, and bonus if you can make it look as nice as this pantry door does!

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Carve out a little space

black store
Jim Westphalen

You don’t necessarily need a large room to call it a pantry. If you have a dedicated space where you can build extra shelves and doors, you’re all set!


Organize on a budget

Store organization budget
Placer House

Instead of expensive stocking containers, this blogger highlighted the best ideas for upcycled storage (some of these containers are old diaper boxes!). There is also a handy inventory list to keep when you go grocery shopping.

Get the tutorial at Bless’er House.

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Organizing rural life, keep everything

Get organized, keep everything


Organizing rural life, keep everything

Credit: Amazon

Organize your entire home without throwing away a thing with a fun and easy 3-step solution from Amazon.com the citizens Experts who know the fun of keeping things dear, how to artfully display them, and get organized like a pro.

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Keep a small pantry tidy

Pantry organization boxes
The homes you made

There’s no need for a pantry to dig into with this neatly stocked pantry that conveniently fits in a cupboard next to the kitchen. All you need are containers of different sizes to produce this organized space.

Get the tutorial at The Homes I Have Made.

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Use tiered shelves

Small space store organization
Sarah Hearts

This blogger took a former oven space and turned it into a custom open pantry with sliding drawers for easy access. Even the smallest of kitchens can make room for a buffer.

Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts.

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Customize your shelves

Pantry organization shelves
craft patch

Do you have a closet that needs a makeover? Or extra space that will be wasted for the time being? This tutorial gives you exact steps on how to build custom shelving to create your dream pantry.

Get the tutorial at The Craft Patch.

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Canned goods group

Canned goods store organization ideas
Honey Bear Lane

Let’s be honest, you probably have dozens of cans in your kitchen that don’t have a definite home. By grouping them together in an easy-to-see space, you’ll avoid buying the loose stuff you already have.

Get the tutorial at Honeybear Lane.

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