5 kitchen trends you should get rid of in your home

HGTV confirms that open shelving is still a beloved feature in kitchen design. Removing the upper cabinets opens up the room, allowing it to feel more spacious, while shelves restore some lost volume. It’s a good solution for awkward corners that would otherwise amount to wasted space. Plus, they’re a low-cost alternative to cabinets and practical for artists, as items are visible and accessible to guests.

However, open shelving is not for everyone. “Very few people are so tidy, and these shelves need an organized approach to stacking and storing dishes,” interior designer Liz Toombs shared via Realtor. It helps if you’re the type who enjoys a good shelving arrangement. But if you lose the point on you, you lose your open storage space. Toombs continued, “The goal is to enhance the design of the room, not detract from it, and children’s sippy cups, random teacups, and mismatched dishes won’t look so well on these shelves.” Another downside is the need for frequent dusting and degreasing, especially if they are located near the band.

Meanwhile, as previously mentioned, the pantry is making a comeback (via Country Living). It might help to get rid of open shelving or replace them entirely with something less noticeable. To that end, Olive & Bar founder Al Bruce told the outlet, “Built-in cabinets have a high quality in their own right.” However, the kitchen design firm always suggests open shelving within the pantry structure—closing the door on the whole mess.

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