5 times people have gone to great lengths to gain a couple extra inches

Sometimes, how small that difference can make it all the more infuriating. Think about the last time you bought a cable that was too short. If it’s not even close to getting from device A to B, you can only blame yourself, do some quick electronic feng shui or write it off as a whiff. If this cable barely You get to where you need to go, though? mentally destructive. Looks like Belkin is spitting right in your face.

Leg lengthening


Toe tips are effective, but not sustainable.

Recently, there has been a lot of coverage of an increasingly popular medical procedure among short, not-so-luxury royalty. Such is the grueling process of leg lengthening surgery, an operation that carries high levels of pain for both the body and the wallet. On the one hand, being judged on a physical trait that you have no control over must be very frustrating. Such constant torture can devolve into impromptu cage matches at New York donuts, as with Now the infamous Bagel Boss incident.

On the other hand, it is a very daunting process that requires months of physical therapy and it can cost close to $100,000. Honestly, if you have $100,000 lying around, just throw a few pics of you wearing $400 shades in Tulum on Tinder and everything will probably work itself out. Look, as a bald guy who’d get my best astrological bone ASAP if I hit the lottery, I wouldn’t judge these guys too harshly. But you have to think that when you spend four months commuting around on a treadmill, backing up the value isn’t as simple as it seems.

Subway sue


tricked! Deception, deception!

Subway is not a restaurant known for its attention to detail. I personally swear by sea cucumbers that they’ve been trying to call sandwiches for years, but sometimes, there’s just no other option. All the same, I think there are some subway-goers who enjoy unwrapping a few inches of swamp water between your average bagel, enough to take them to court for not getting what they promised.

In 2013, a New Jersey man (which means he must have better sandwich options) sued the chain claiming that their “long” subs were about an inch shorter. Generally, getting into the realm of legal thunder with a huge international company is as recommended as bringing a spoonful of cinnamon as sustenance on a desert excursion. The legal fees you have to pay just to start the paperwork are enough to buy you enough extra inches to last you the rest of your life. Especially when there aren’t many people on Earth who have finished an 11-inch Subway sandwich and thought to themselves, “Oh my God, I wish there was more of this.”

Hand extension


Look at those pathetic gloves.

Unless you’re someone with a particular taste for custom gloves, you’d be forgiven for not having an idea of ​​your hand measurements. As long as you can wrap it around a standard doorknob, you’re probably set for life. If you plan to enter the NFL Draft as the starting quarterback, it suddenly becomes a very important number. Kenny Pickett, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, found out the hard way, when he was The size of his hands was examined on an invisible scale Since the least funny accounts on twitter took trump.

“Can you physically carry a football” sounds like a question that would have been completely answered by the time of the NFL draft, but apparently, backed by the tiny difference between college and NFL football dimensions, that was enough to get Talented residents in agitation. Considering the fact that even a small draft chip can cost a player millions of dollars, Beckett went to medieval methods to try and stretch grippers before they were measured at collection, Admitting that he had been wearing splints to try to stretch his hands to an NFL-approved size. It didn’t work out, and we’ll never know how much he slipped because of it, but sometimes falling back a few places can have some advantages, like not playing for the Washington leaders.

Professional pole vault


That’s some peoplePassion, I guess.

Look, it’s far from me to judge anyone for following their bliss as I often watch my videos of cow hooves being cleaned on YouTube. After all, this is the pursuit of joy that will never win me any kind of international acclaim. So if your personal jam is pole vaulting, good for you. The way my brain processes rewards will not see enough payoff in the culmination of my life’s work universe He jumped three-quarters of an inch higher than the previous man.

They are great athletes, and my ears get really hot when I go up more than a couple of steps. I realize this. I’m just saying, if I’ve spent decades perfecting a sport chase, I want it to be useful outside of crossing a decaying wooden bridge in some kind of jungle adventure. I also have to assume that pole vaulters have day jobs to support their pole vault journey, since my initial research on “pole vault salary” doesn’t pay dividends.

Still, it’s probably cool, and any kid worth their salt definitely had to visit the school nurse after being tried with a big stick on the playground, so you do.

Yes, the penis


Are you happy now?

Here you go, perverts. I am sure that as soon as you saw the title of this article, your wet mind went to the gutter and went straight to phallic dimensions. Freud would be proud, you obnoxious little freaks. I just wanted to write a nice, family-friendly article about weird surgeries, but I guess I can’t escape the sexualization of the human mind. Yes, People pay top dollar to prolong their ding dong. Now, how about you go take a cold shower and find God.

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