7 things to get rid of before summer starts |

Although we often associate it with the New Year, or as part of our spring-cleaning checklist after a long winter, de-cluttering before summer can be incredibly productive. After all, warmer weather always seems like a fresh start, which makes it a great time to rid your home of things you no longer need, use, or even like. But what areas, rooms, or items should be the focus of pre-summer?

If you’re looking for uncluttered tips to help you tackle the job before summer rolls around, it might be worth coming to the areas that will be more of a focus during the warmer months. For example, it’s time to tackle areas of your home that may have bug infestations during the summer, or areas full of summer items you haven’t looked at in months. Likewise, it can also be a great time to tackle items you won’t be using between June and September to be prepared when the cold weather returns.

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