9 best gifts for gardeners

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Best gifts for every gardener

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If you’re looking for a gift for the gardener in your life, the possibilities are endless. From gardening gloves to tool organizers, the best gift will depend on what interests and what kind of gardening the recipient likes.

Consider their experience when choosing a gift. Gardening tools are a great way to make their hobby more enjoyable while working within your gift-giving budget. Gardening decor that expresses their style or your relationship with them is always a fun gift.

Choosing a gardening gift

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Gardening gifts Helping out in the garden are some of the most popular gifts. These include items such as shears, trowels, and garden gloves. Just because they’re designed to work doesn’t mean they can’t be cute, too. Look for whimsical prints on practical gifts for a mix of fun and function.

Kind of gardener

Consider what type of gardener the recipient is when choosing a gift.

  • new gardeners They’ll appreciate helping build their collection of essential tools to make gardening easier.
  • to Gardeners do small area or container gardeningFind special pots or tools to help the gardener make the most of his space.
  • experienced gardeners It may already contain tools but needs a way to keep them organized and accessible.


With so many styles to choose from, garden decor makes a great gift for those looking for something a little more sentimental. Find something that expresses the interests of the recipient. Decor that is a nod to your connection to them is also a great way to show your appreciation for their work in the garden.

Best gift for a new gardener

G and F Women’s Soft Jersey Garden Gloves, Three Pack

What you need to know: This trio is made of soft cotton with grips on the fingers for comfort and performance.

What you will love: This is a practical and affordable gift for a new gardener. These high quality gardening gloves are an essential item for any gardener. Floral patterns make it pretty and fun.

What you should consider: These are made of thin cotton and will not work for heavy garden and yard work.

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Eight-piece garden tool and carry set from Pure Garden

What you need to know: It includes everything a new gardener needs to get started, including hand tools, a watering bottle, and a can to carry it around.

What you will love: The tools are made of stainless steel. The carrying case has seven exterior pockets and five interior elastic straps, perfect for adding specialty tools as your gardener gains experience.

What you should consider: Carrying straps can wear out quickly, especially if you add tools or extra weight to the bag.

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Heavy Duty Collapsible and Collapsible Utility Cart from Vivosun

What you need to know: This cart can support over 175 pounds of plants and garden tools but still folds up for easy storage.

What you will love: It’s made of waterproof fabric and polyvinyl chloride or PVC, a material that won’t fray or fade. The wheels rotate 360 ​​degrees for easy steering. When finished, the included storage cover protects the cart during storage.

What you should consider: The wheels cannot navigate rough terrain and are better suited for flat and even terrain.

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The best gift for a seasoned gardener

Rubbermaid Garage Tool Tower Rack

What you need to know: This tool rack holds up to 40 items, including shovels, shovels, and smaller hand tools.

What you will love: Included wheels make this tool holder easy to move around. The base is wider than the top, so it’s ideal for storing larger items, such as shovels, a necessary tool for large-scale gardening.

What you should consider: Tools stored near the back can be difficult to access.

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Magid Bella Women’s Pro Rose Garden Glove

What you need to know: Experienced gardeners aren’t afraid to get into weeds, which makes a sturdy set of elbow-length gloves a valuable gift.

What you will love: The palm and fingertips are reinforced for extra protection against thorns. They also have a knuckle guard and are made of thick faux leather.

What you should consider: They can run small, so use the included sizing chart and think to size.

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Creative roots paint your gems

What you need to know: For the gardener who really has it all, customizable stepping stones is a fun activity to do together for a one-of-a-kind piece of garden decor.

What you will love: These sets come in 15 designs, including flower, sun, and ladybug. Comes with everything you need, including pre-cast ceramic stone, acrylic paint, and a brush. There are also helpful tips for mixing paint with custom colors.

What you should consider: These are new stones and are not intended to be walked on or to support plants.

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Best gift for a small space gardener

AeroGarden Harvest indoor garden with LED grow light

What you need to know: The extra growing space allows gardeners to grow and harvest up to six herbs in their kitchen.

What you will love: The hydroponics system and grow light provide everything in a 12-inch space. The control panel displays alerts when it’s time to add water, apply the included plant nutrient packs and adjust the lights.

What you should consider: This indoor garden is perfect for herbs but won’t work for larger plants.

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any. Small stainless steel water can

What you need to know: The modern design combines function with style, and it’s stylish enough to leave as decoration in a small gardening space.

What you will love: Hand-polished stainless steel resists scratching and weathering. Comes in gold and silver finishes. The placement of the spout at the bottom of the canister makes it look eye-catching and also allows the water to flow out easily without spilling.

What you should consider: Smaller capacity means refilling more often if watering many plants.

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Worth checking out

Union Rustic Amarelys Three-Piece Ceramic Pot Planter Set

What you need to know: This set of three makes a statement as a grouping while also providing options for placement in a smaller space.

What you will love: These durable ceramic dinnerware with a geometric design look great on their own and when stacked close together. Each pot has a drainage hole to allow for easy watering. It is also rust and weather resistant.

What you should consider: The largest pot measures 12 inches in diameter and may be too large for some spaces.

Seller Wayfair

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