A Macon tenant is looking to Bibb Code Enforcement to help with cockroach control

Macon, JA. – Imagine you’re sitting in your house with a leaky roof and a cockroach infestation, and you can’t get the people who are supposed to fix it to do anything.

This is exactly what some renters of Macon’s West Club apartments say they are dealing with right now.

“I could have stayed in the other apartment complex and kept my money, but I got stuck,” said Shameen Gordon, who moved in last month.

“Stuck” is how she feels weeks after she moves into her new unit.

“He said he was going to hire some cleaners. He said he was going out pest control,” said a spokeswoman of the property manager.

Gordon says her unit wasn’t ready. She says he had cockroaches in the kitchen cupboards, leaks and a non-functioning toilet. On top of that, Gordon says maintenance won’t help.

“They don’t do anything. They just take our money,” she said.

Gordon wondered where to turn for help, and called the Bibb County code enforcement department. She says they worked with the West Club to get her tanks new, and to start working on other repairs.

“If you ask me, they were giving law enforcement a hard time,” Gordon said.

Law Enforcement Director JT Ricketson says they are working on other problems at the West Club this week. Several units flooded when the pipes hummed. The tenants say it’s not the first time. Ricketson says this is a situation his team can step in.

“There are a number of things or issues that might be called out,” he explained.

Plumbing is one of those problems.

“It could be exposed wires. It could be a ceiling or a leaky roof,” he said.

Like Gordon’s case, they can step in looking for pests under certain conditions. They need to determine if the pest control problem is the owner’s fault. Ricketson says they have worked on similar cases before at other complexes.

“We’ve gone out and found rat infestations and found holes in the walls or holes in the cupboards. It’s obvious on the landlord,” he said.

Gordon hopes the worst is behind her.

“It was hard,” she said, “but I know it will get better.”

Ricketson says you should always get a tour before you sign your lease, and make sure you understand the terms of the lease.

The apartment management refused to comment, and sent us to the corporate office. When we called them, we got their voicemail.

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