A Mother’s Day gift guide for every type of mom

This Mother’s Day, give your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, or any other special woman in your life something she can use all year long. Flowers and candy are great, but vanish early — here are some ideas for gifts that will stick:

time change

This is the information junkie, who always picks up his phone to check the weather, the stock market and the latest sports scores. Tidbyt is an LED device that displays information from user-selected apps – everything they want to know is just a glance away. This is a purely visual experience, as there are no speakers or AI, and the LED lights are bright enough that you can see from across the room. There are several hundred applications to choose from, and those who know even the basics of programming are encouraged to build their own. $179 at Time Exchange

Solgaard Carry-On Closet bag

The Carry-On Closet makes packing easy and unpacking completely optional. It has a built-in shelving system, which keeps everything organized—rolled shirts can be tucked away in one space, pants in another, and shoes in a third, leaving three more shelves to fill with extra travel essentials. There’s a compression strap to hold everything together, and since the bag has a polycarbonate shell and aluminum frame, it’s sturdy. It works for every type of traveler—there’s plenty of room for a light packer, and those who are known for trying to cram the entire contents of their wardrobe into one suitcase (you know who you are!) will also have room for it. $275 at Solgaard

Celestial amulet necklace

Amulets are small pieces of jewelry that are believed to protect the wearer, and you will not only appreciate this elegant necklace, but also the meaning behind it. The focal point of the pendant is the orb made of Czech glass, which is enclosed in a 24k gold plate embellished with Swarovski crystals and sodalite accents. It is an adaptation of an ancient amulet in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, making this eye-catching necklace truly timeless. $105 at the Met

SmartSaker Sank Kids Art Frame

The children come home from school with A.J a lot of art, so unless they’re living in the Louvre, their parents don’t have enough space to display all of these creations. The SANK Kids Art Frame provides a solution. This frame opens and closes like a book, and holds up to 150 sheets of A4 paper – their latest drawing can be behind glass, with other artwork stacked behind it. Michelangelo’s grandmother had it lovable this. $37.99 at SmartSaker

North Mountain Whiskey Drinkware and Beer Glasses

Each sip from these glasses is a reminder of the beauty of nature. Hand blown tumblers and mugs have distinctive mountains molded into their bases, with USGS data used for each design – these are not only beautiful, but subtle as well. The glasses are made in Portland, Oregon, and feature peaks from all over the US, like Mount Rainier in Washington and Mount Shasta in California. For every cup sold, North Drinkware makes a donation to an environmental organization in the Mountain area. $49 at North Drinkware

Pipsticks Sticker Club

Stick to it by subscribing to the Pipsticks Pro Sticker Club. Each month, a box arrives in the mail filled with 15 sheets of glitter stickers, a vinyl sticker, and assorted paper accessories. This is a hilarious way to brighten up your Mother’s Day (and the mailbox) and show that sticker collecting isn’t just for kids. The Petite Pack is also available for $11.95 per month, with half the stickers but just as much fun. $17.95 per month at Pipsticks

Charolais’s cooking is classic

Is your mom happiest when she’s in the kitchen? With Charolais Cooking Classic, a live virtual cooking event that raises funds for youth mental health programs in rural Montana, you’ll learn from Chef Daniel Cox the best way to prepare a New York steak. The class is set for Sunday, June 25, and in advance of the event, she’ll be sent a box containing two slices of hormone-free, pasture-raised New York City steak and ground beef, so she can cook alongside the chef. Bonus: Friends and family will reap the benefits when you try her new recipe at your next holiday dinner. $99 at DC Meats

Stained glass juicer

Whether mom has a green or black thumb, she’ll appreciate a plant that doesn’t have to be watered. This trio of stained-glass succulents fits the bill, with bright leaf shades of yellow and green that pop in the sunlight. They can be placed inside pots on their own, or added to plantings that already contain greenery, for added appeal. $29.98 at Shop PBS

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