A Mzungu man who lives in Kenya shows off his lavishly decorated home: “Welcome to my home”

  • A man from Mzungu gave netizens a tour of his gorgeous Kenyan home while revealing he had just moved in
  • The house, located in a leafy suburb, has expensive furniture, custom-made décor, wallpapers, and designer furniture
  • Netizens couldn’t stop praising him for getting a beautiful home while others, especially his followers, wished they could move in.

A man from Mzungu opened the doors to his new home and let netizens see his neat and spacious space.

Mzungu is a man who lives in Kenya.  Photo: Jonnybravs39.
Show your new home. Photo: @Jonnybravs39.
Source: TikTok

Mzungu man gets a new home in Kenya

TikToker with handle @jonnybravs39 revealed that the house was his new Kenyan home and toured almost all rooms of the house.

The video begins with him opening the solid wood door, making a “welcome” gesture with his hand, and the cameraman walking into his living room.

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The living room has a large sofa placed near the windows and another smaller sofa near the winding staircase.

The wall also has a well placed dressing mirror and a lovely dining area.

His bedroom also has a bed specially made of solid wood and near the window there are wardrobes also made of the same wood as the bed.

The bedroom wall is covered in purple wallpaper which gives the room a cool feel.

@jonnybravs39 also shows from the balcony where one can enjoy the fresh air and chill while spending time inside.

It is apparent from the video that the apartment where the Mzungu man lives is in a leafy suburb, judging by the neighboring houses and how fertile the garden is.

This is the video he posted on his TikTok:

Internet user feedback

Here are some comments from social media users:

@User2746349032308 said:

“Wow very beautiful.”

@user284865439018 said:

“What a coincidence. I’m also in Nairobi, Kenya. Want a ride around the city?”

@allure collection said:

“Very beautiful.”

elegantress said:

“Beautiful house.”

Kabito added:

“Lovely, my peaceable.”

@kariuki eve said:

“So when the house is warm, we’re ready as in-laws online.”

Josephine Ayieta added:

“House is a pure soul. Are you with someone please. Are you single?”

Mzungu is a man living in Kenya looking for love

In a different story, another Mzungu man who moved to Kenya said TUKO.co.ke He is looking for a serious relationship.

American born Mzungu man Chris Oakes started visiting Kenya when he got into a relationship with a Mombasa based lady.

But the 28-year-old later separated from his girlfriend but chose to stay after he loved his stay in the country.

He revealed that he went into content creation and admitted that Kenyan women are very demanding and hardly compromise in relationships.

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Source: TUKO.co.ke

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