Adult animator Little Swimmer Felipe de Boy brings “Little Eddie” to life

Adult Swim animator Felipe de Puy discusses “Little Edy”, involvement with Adult Swim and the character design process.

adult swimming small. Last small This week’s short titled Little Eddie It hit this weekend on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel. Created by New York-based comedian and self-taught animator Felipe de Boy (Adult Swim Simple City), the short follows the name Little Eddiea strange little girl with strange abilities, helps her friend Banjo get out of her video game addiction and try to interact with other people. Bleeding Cool spoke with Di Poi about this new episode, how he got involved with Adult Swim, and his character design process.

Adult Small Swimming Animator Philippe de Puy discusses
Felipe de Boy “Little Edie” Courtesy of Adult Swim

Bleeding Fabulous: Tell me a little bit about “Little Edie” in your own words. What is this story about and where did it come from?

Felipe de Boy: I came up Little Eddie, the design. a long time ago. I spent the summer in Montreal working for this comics publisher, Equivalent and quarterlyAnd I used to read a lot of comics. I was reading Michael DeForge Comics a lot. I came up with a design inspired by the way he paints. I’ve been inspired by a lot of his girls’ quirky, wonderful, and kinda weird personalities. Then, when COVID hit, I wanted a project, so I started doing this Instagram comic. I took this character that I had designed and[decided]I was going to start doing this comic. Basically, I thought of her like Ernie Bushmiller Nancy. I did that for about a year, and then offered it to Adult Swim for a little while. My idea was to do a classic, gag-driven, cartoon type of cartoon, but try to push it more in the direction of an adult kind of thing.

Adult Small Swimming Animator Philippe de Puy discusses
Felipe de Boy “Little Edie” Courtesy of Adult Swim

Ben Cowles: Each character has their own unique look. You mentioned Little Edy’s design; Where do you find your inspiration for some of your other character designs?

Felipe de Boy: I tend to do designs. with “Little Eddie”… IIf you look at the comics, every character is designed very differently. There’s one type of character I really like, and it’s kind of very geometric; Little Eddie like that. The characters are based on shapes that animation software naturally makes, such as ovals, triangles, and squares; Her friend Banjo is like that. This is one type of character design you’ll see in a nutshell. And then I also like to mix that in with these characters that are more realistic and overplayed. There is a character who is the big muscular guy, and that character’s joke is how big and muscular he is and how scary he is supposed to be. To be clear, I’m going to design him differently than every other character. It is actually very leafy and muscular. I love mixing character design styles. It’s kind of like a design joke, some very geometric, some very realistic. This is done for the effect of any jokes.

B.C.E: For up-and-coming young animators, can you tell me how you got involved in Adult Swim?

Felipe de Boy: Dave Hughes (Space ghost from coast to coast, far from the air) I found my cartoon from posting it online. It will be six years now (from) when he first reached out to me. I have a comedy group called Simple Town, and we’ve made videos for “Small swimming adultsAnd I made videos for,The old men bathe the little ones for a while before that.”Little Eddie. “I have two or three other things I’ve done for them, so I’ve been on call for a minute.

paying off Little Edy and all th Small swimming adults shorts on their YouTube channel. Small swimming adults (from an earlier drop) as part of the pre-show entertainment before all of the regular shows of Bo afraid For the duration of its run at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations across the country. For more information about Di Poi and his Simple Town comedy group, go to

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