Amateurs must master the most important shots to get lower scores

Take the advice of a GOLF Top 100 teacher and master these shots.

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Golf is hard, we all know that.

One day you can go out and shoot the round of your life, thinking you’ve “got it all figured out,” only to return to double- and triple-bombing bogeys the next.

While it can be difficult to find the consistency that every player seeks, there are many ways to hone your skills and see lower scores on a regular basis. It just takes the right approach and some appropriate advice.

Fortunately, Jim Murphy of Top 100 Golf Instructors is here to help, providing the most important shots for amateurs to master in order to putt them lower with more regularity.

Practice these things as often as you can, and you’ll soon start to see improvements with every round you play.

Master the punch

One of the most important ways to eliminate strikes on a scorecard is to eliminate fouls. You may not be able to correct part of your tee halfway through the round, but you can avoid making a bad situation worse. I never see players practice hitting low shots, but they are very important – because they are often used a lot during the round. If you don’t practice at something, how can you really expect to be good at it?

Shooting mastery

Tiger Woods has got a stinger shot he can go for in a tight situation when the pressure is really on. I’m not saying everyone should have the stinger, but it’s a great shot – just don’t expect to hit it with the same accuracy as the main hero 15 times right away.

Whether you’re adding the swingarm to your ammunition or another safety shot like your swing, it’s up to you He should You have something to count on when you’re under the gun.

Master the three footer

Want to know what really separates good players, great players and tour-level players? situation.

The golfer made a mistake

Struggling with three strikes? Here’s what the 100 best teachers say you should do


Jessica Marksbury, Jeff Smith, Top 100 Teachers

One of the main reasons the pros are so good is because, from three feet away, they average a 99% make rate. I don’t see players practice three-foot putts enough, and inevitably, when you miss a handful each round, those putts add up.

You can’t score well by missing these crucial hits.

Master of being late

Threesome is like throwing putts away, you can’t do that and realistically think you’re going to improve your golf score. If you want to lower your score, you must reduce or eliminate the dreaded 3 strikes.

Most players don’t practice long shots, but rather short and medium shots. But by practicing your putts from 50-60 feet up, you’ll start to feel better control of your pace—bringing you closer to the hole more frequently, lowering your putts.

Master the flop shot

If you can hit a high, soft shot around the green, then you can get the ball closer to the hole; In the end it saves you strokes. Many players fear the missed shot, so they fall back on a low shot – often leaving them with longer, more difficult shots – which is a recipe for higher scores.

Next time you go to the golf course, practice your failed shots on the bunker, short side pin and away from tight lies. By feeling this way, you can perform this difficult (but effective) shot during the next round.

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