Amazon shoppers discover this handy little car vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for dust, pet hair, bugs, and more: “Picks Up Almost Anything”

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Whether you have kids or pets or you spend a lot of time in your car, you know it can get dirty pretty quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep them clean every day without having to stop at the gas station or car wash to use one of their vacuum cleaners?

Well, take a cue from Amazon shoppers, who rave about this compact, portable cordless vacuum cleaner for the car. Shoppers say it’s small enough to keep in the glove compartment or under the back seat, and the suction is just right for small cleaning tasks in your car. Even better, it’s only $23.99.


Style-obsessed people will definitely want to order this mini portable cordless car vacuum right away. But even if you don’t consider yourself particularly tidy, this mini car vacuum cleaner is a must have in your car. You can charge it using the included USB port and then use it to vacuum up dirt and dust from the dashboard, between the seats and more.

Amazon shoppers have discovered clever ways to use this mini car vacuum.

“I wasn’t expecting this little vacuum cleaner to clean the floor of my car, pick up rocks or cat hair, but it does,” one shopper wrote. “I use it to vacuum out drawers and dust from areas that are hard to reach with a normal vacuum. It does a very good job at that and is easy to clean.”

Another shopper wrote, “I ordered this for my daughter to suck up shield bugs that get into the house. Works great for them. I kind of expected more suction power but it has enough to suck up dirt and bugs so no complaints there. The rectangular nozzle attachment is perfect for dirt ( and things).

“I was a bit surprised by the size despite it being so clearly advertised. However, I really like the small size,” another shopper wrote in their review. “Fits perfectly in a drawer when not in use. The suction is perfect. I use it to vacuum up my hair in the shower between mopping. I swear I climb like a dog, and I’m so annoyed at the hair I’m losing every day. This little broom is perfect for my needs.”

If you want to keep your car looking its best or you need a suitable vacuum cleaner that will easily fit into tight spaces, then don’t think twice about getting a mini car vacuum cleaner while it’s on sale. If you’re like other Amazon shoppers, you’ll likely find a bunch of creative ways to use it.


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