Amcor acquires New Zealand’s Moda Systems in expanding protein packaging


May 09, 2023 – Amcor will acquire New Zealand’s Moda Systems, which makes state-of-the-art protein filling machines. Moda designs, assembles and supports innovative, high-performance vacuum packaging solutions for the meat, poultry and dairy industries.

The consumer packaging giant says the acquisition will complement its strength in flexible films, making it able to offer comprehensive packaging solutions that include basic packaging, equipment, on-site technical service and parts.

“This acquisition will enable Amcor to offer exciting new choice and option in automated protein packaging, making us the only flexible packaging manufacturer with a high-speed rotating equipment solution for fresh meat,” said Amcor Flexibles North America (AFNA) President. Fred Stephan.

In 2020, AFNA partnered with Moda to combine shrink bags and roll wraps for meats and cheeses with Moda technology to give producers better operational efficiencies and lower costs.

The acquisition is expected to boost packaging solutions for the meat and dairy sectors.“In combination with our best-in-class film portfolio, we see significant strategic value in adding Moda’s automation technology, technical expertise and services to a suite of customizable format solutions beyond the standard shrink bag. This transaction will enable Amcor to further enhance the winning value proposition for its global protein processing customers.”

The acquisition is subject to usual closing conditions and is expected to be completed in the June quarter of 2023.

Moda systems
Moda’s rotary unloading system is designed to improve operational efficiencies for protein producers, enabling them to optimize employment, improve safety and reduce waste. According to the company, the system is configured for ease of use in connection, operation, maintenance, cleaning, and improving productivity and quality.

Combined with Amcor’s range of meat, poultry, seafood and cheese shrink wrap options, the rotary vacuum system is expected to enhance value for Amcor’s protein-producing partners.

“Together, we will deliver innovative expertise at scale, with a mutual dedication to achieving superior performance. Our complementary capabilities will accelerate Moda’s founding mission to deliver the most advanced vacuum packaging solutions to our customers,” says Richard Newcombe, Founder and CEO of Moda.

Amcor’s continuous expansion
Last year, Amcor acquired a world-class flexible packaging manufacturer in the Czech Republic and expanded its innovation center network with a new facility in Jiangyin, China. The company says the flexible packaging plant’s strategic location enhances its ability to meet strong demand and customer growth across its European network.

Meanwhile, the Chinese facility is bringing advanced packaging technologies and more environmentally sustainable materials science to the Asia Pacific region, helping to drive growth and innovation across the region.

Recently, Amcor teamed up with Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs to release single-material coffee packaging, which can be chemically and mechanically recycled. The two companies have partnered to overcome one of the major challenges facing coffee roasters – switching to coffee packaging that is easy to recycle while preserving flavor and aroma – and say they have made a technological breakthrough.

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