Beige Living Room Ideas – 14 ways to decorate with this natural shade

With its soft, subdued texture, it can be hard to break away from a beige, brown, and gray color palette, but if you’re going for an update, it’s easy to give a neutral scheme a more modern twist. A few additions of color and pattern can transform beige living room ideas from subtle to pretty in an instant..

“Being adventurous with color is so rewarding, and you just need to start with a few flashes of your favorite strong color,” advises color expert Annie Sloan.

I tend to base a scheme on the neutrals I want to use, decide which tones they include, and then use splashes of an opposite color for maximum drama and interest. For example, if I’m going for a cool beige, I’ll use pops of hot color—maybe bubblegum pink or neon yellow living room accents.

“It’s a very effective way to make a room more vibrant and rewarding to look at, and you only need small amounts of your accent color.”

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