Best Fruit Trees for Small Gardens: 8 Compact Varieties |

Recent advances when it comes to fruit trees now mean that they can be enjoyed by gardeners in spaces of any size. Many dwarf varieties are now available, grafted onto rootstocks that will keep them smaller in size. This restricts their growth, reduces their overall size and vigor, and this now makes it possible to grow fruit trees in smaller spaces.

This means that fruit trees can now be part of anyone’s small backyard ideas, offering delicate and beautiful blooms in the spring followed by a gorgeous crop of delicious fruit. Some of the best small fruit trees can be a prominent feature in a garden and will attract wildlife and beneficial pollinators to the yard as well.

The likes of apples, peaches, cherries, citrus fruits, and olives are all well suited to growing in small gardens. Whether in pots or in the ground, they can be successfully incorporated into many backyard designs.

Lemon tree and orange tree in a small garden

Lemons and oranges offer an array of colorful fruit in a small space

(Image credit: Getty/archideaphoto)

8 of the best fruit trees for small spaces

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