Biden administration to improve veterans’ access to home care after testing…

(US Senate) – Following efforts from US Sen. John Tester, President Joe Biden signed an executive order today to expand access to high-quality home care and support for veterans and caregivers of all ages.

“This is great news for veterans and the disabled who deserve and have access to high-quality home care.” Tester said. “Ensuring that these men and women have comfortable, long-term care options beyond their time in uniform is critical, and I am proud to push the administration to take action. I will continue to work to hold the people of Washington accountable for providing this needed support now and in the future.”

President’s Executive Order Pushes Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to Improve Access to Home Care for Veterans in Need of Support, Supported Under Bipartisan Test Elizabeth Dole Home Care Act. Reflection requirements under Tester legislation, the The executive order specifically directs the Department of Veterans Affairs to accelerate the expansion of the Veterans Directed Care program to all 172 medical centers by the end of fiscal year 2024.

The president’s executive order also requires the VA to consider expanding access to the Comprehensive Assistance Program for Family Caregivers, also known as the Caregivers Program, and to offer more mental health support to caregivers enrolled in that program. The VA recently expanded program eligibility to include veterans of all eras, and after pressure from Tester, suspended discharges for veteran participants and conducted a review of all eligibility criteria to ensure they weren’t too restrictive.

Tester has been leading the fight for years to provide stronger support for disabled veterans and expand the Caregivers program to include veterans of all ages. Led the charge in the past two years to submit Elizabeth Dole Home Care Act Along with Ranking member Jerry Moran (R-K). The goal of this bipartisan bill is to expand home and community services for aging veterans, as well as improve support for veterans and caregivers of all ages.

Continuing to build on these efforts, Tester will lead a Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing in the coming months examining long-term care options for veterans and opportunities for improvement.

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