Brockton’s Last-Minute Mother’s Day Guide: Flowers, Chocolate, Candy

Brockton – Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and there are so many ways to show the wonderful woman in your life that you care.

Brockton Enterprises has an endless selection of ideas, crafts, drinks, baskets and local bakers to satisfy your wildest imagination.

In this guide, you’ll find a series of local vendors that can make Mother’s Day even more special.

From unique gifts, exotic flower arrangements, dazzling cocktail creations, Hawaiian shaved ice and so much more.

How about having chocolate sweets delivered right to your door? Or even a Mother’s Day basket that’s like a day at the spa all in one?

Starting with a basic arrangement of large flowers for a continuous flow, Forall designer Keanna Banks of Brockton gradually adds more to amp up the design, depending on whether she wants a symmetrical design or an asymmetrical design.  Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

Chocolate sweets, gifts and flower arrangements

Karina Yates, owner of Sweet By Kay, a local chocolate company that specializes in chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne boxes, and breakable hearts with custom edible letters.  Yates holds a breakable heart box she made for a client on Mother's Day.  May 4, 2023. Holbrook.
Mother's Day Luxe Box created by Sweet By Kay, a local chocolatier.  The boxes can be ordered by visiting Sweet_ByKay on and direct messaging the company account.  Karina Yates, the owner, created this business to bring beauty and delicious food to Brockton.  May 3, 2023. Holbrook.

Sweet by Kay – A local company that caters to people who love sweets. Brockton’s daughter starts working in 2022 from the comfort of her own home. Owner Karina Yates sells fancy chocolate-covered roses and boxes of cut flowers to the public. Orders can be made via Instagram direct message at Sweet_bykay. Customers can enjoy chocolate-covered strawberry boxes with letters and crushable hearts, marble-topped berries, boxes of champagne and wine, jumbo pastries, double-deck rose boxes and strawberries for the cheesecake enthusiast. She said that if you have something unique in mind, Yates is happy to accommodate any custom request.

Rockhead Chocolates owner Elizabeth McConville-Bossier and her husband, chocolatier Jean-Marc Bossier, make chocolate in their home kitchen in Easton on Monday, March 27, 2023.

Rockhead chocolate – Serve with a delicious caramel fudge, dark chocolate ganache with a lavender kiss, dipped in white chocolate. A bouquet of delicious roses with chocolate and marshmallows. Elizabeth McConville-Bossier and her husband, Jean-Marc Bossier—a Parisian pastry chef from France—have turned their homemade chocolate-making hobby meant to spread joy during the holiday season into a buzzy new business: Rockhead Chocolates. What makes Rockheads so special? It’s artisanal, small batch handcrafted chocolate, made in the couple’s Easton kitchen, said Elizabeth, founder and owner of Rockhead Chocolates. Orders can be purchased at The Frippery Crafter’s Collective and Pops Fine Wine in Easton or by ordering online.

With her work complete, Brockton-based floral designer Keanna Banks is ready to present flower arrangements to her clients on Tuesday 2nd May 2023.

Write Me Flowers – Local self-taught florist Kiana Banks has had a creative eye since she was younger. Banks used to be a decorator and interior designer and loves to express herself through art. Her latest business venture is creating one-of-a-kind flower arrangements from the comfort of her home. Banks got her start by posting the photos on the social networking app Facebook, which attracted much needed attention. Saw a simple Youtube tutorial and created her first arrangement. This self-taught florist prides herself on putting together flowers that are not only beautiful but uncommon. Sending flowers to banks is like writing a love letter. Shows raw love and true emotions. Small packages range from $15 and up, standard sizes are $25, and large ones are $35. The self-made florist said that putting flowers together just got more personal and meaningful. To place an order, please message Write Me Flowers on Instagram or email [email protected].

Serena Ribeiro, 14, of Brockton, left, stands with her mom, Lenilda Ribeiro on Thursday, March 3, 2022, after completing two high-quality cakes with great attention to design and detail.  Serena will one day want to open a chain of bakeries specializing in made-to-order cakes.

kingdom cake – Teen baker Serena Ribeiro, 15, fell in love with creating fancy desserts and launched a business a few months later with the help of her mother, Lenilda Ribeiro. The duo has made over 900 cakes since 2019 to hone Serena’s skills. All pictures of the cakes can be found on their Instagram page Kindgom_Cake. What makes this business different is the way Lenilda bakes the cakes with secret family recipes passed down from Cape Verde, and Serena decorates them once they’ve cooled. The duo specializes in dazzling cakes that look realistic. To book them, please message them on Instagram at kingdom_cake.

Brianna Wangnoon shows off one of her popular bouquets called "mental state," which contains a bathrobe, slippers, candle, body butter, facial oil, self-healing book, notebook, and pen, on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

place of healing – An all-in-one spa basket might just be the relief your mom might need after a long day and the world running. The Healing Place, a company focused on mental health awareness and self-care, has baskets to brighten your day. Inside the basket, on a small or large order, you’ll find a robe, slippers, and the entire skincare line of body butters, bath salts, face oils, candles, and a notebook with pen. Customers can choose between two bold fragrances, “Cry In Cashmere” and “Tropical State Of Mind.” The Cry In Cashmere basket features the warm tones of cocoa butter and the scent of cashmere wood. In comparison, the Tropical State Of Mind basket gives off a gentle island vibe of citrus, pineapple, mango, and coconut. Brianna Wangnoon, the owner, started this business as a way to distract herself and raise awareness of the issues many people struggle with and suffer in silence. Applications can be submitted by visiting

Jacinta Montero, owner of Charming Closet at 222 Main St.  , Brockton showcases the jewelry and makeup available in their newly opened boutique.

The witch roommate – is an attractive ethnic wear boutique and makeup studio located at 222 Main Street, Brockton. Jacinta Montero started her business selling products from around the world in her home. Montero sells Brazilian lingerie, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, and items for the home. Clients can also book make-up sessions to complete the entire look. Montero also sells items from Portugal, her native country, and is excited to introduce these items to the women of Brockton. Some of her most popular items include denim shorts and butt-lifting Brazilian underwear.

Local vendors for reservation

Alex Burrell, co-owner of That's So Cool Shave Ice in Brockton, is savoring one of his shaved ice masterpieces.

Cool snow shave – Book the That’s So Cool Shave Ice Trailer to bring home the wonderful tropical flavors. The shaved ice trailer features over 40 flavors straight from the island of Hawaii. Customers can choose from five packages that best suit their needs. Some of the flavors include passion fruit, Asian plum, honeydew, banana, blueberry, cherry, grape, strawberry, tiger’s blood, and watermelon, to name a few. You can also add fresh cut up fruits ranging from strawberries to mangoes, coconut shavings, and condensed milk on top for a creamy snow topping. Prospective clients may reserve services by calling 401-423-5070 or emailing [email protected] During regular business hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. First time clients receive $50 off their first package for their special event .

These delicious cocktail collections include a kiss of dry ice to add a bubbly glow to drinks.  Soleil Sal, a Brockton-based company, hand-crafts cocktails and brings them straight to the event.

sun and salt – A modern, trendy cocktail company serving drinks made with real fruit juice, homemade sour mix, and dried garnishes. The cocktail catering business brings not only alcoholic beverages but also a luxurious atmosphere to your doorstep. You can get everything from smoky sodas to aromatherapy drinks and burning herbal infusions. Nicole Pimentel was inspired by the beaches of the Dominican Republic when she started her business. The self-made entrepreneur wanted to bring calm and liveliness to customers from the beach. The cocktails give you the feeling of warm sand between your toes and the taste of tropical fruits all in one glass.

Ariane Azevado works on the hair of her friend Chelsea Burr of Middleboro at Azevado's Boho Beauty Lounge at 1285 Belmont St.  In Brockton on Monday, April 10, 2023.

Bohemian hair salon – Nothing shows your mom “I love you” more than a free poetry date from the people you love. Book a gentle wash and blowout from Arian Azevedo, owner of Boho Beauty Lounge, a hair salon located at 1285 Belmont St. , Brockton. You can feel good knowing Boho Beauty Lounge will use natural hair products on your mom’s locks. Inside, the salon gives you a feeling of cleanliness and freshness from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the bright white walls, plants, and textured decor. “It’s a cool, flowy vibe in the salon. That was my inspiration for creating a space when life gets busy. It’s just a place to relax and forget about how stressful life can be,” said Azevedo. To book a call (774) 219-2427.

Kundalini Pearls Uni Steaming Resort, 101 Main Street, Taunton held its grand opening on Thursday 19th January 2023.

Kundalini Pearls Yoni Steaming Spa This tonton spa introduces ancient holistic practices that have been used by women all over the world for centuries with the use of yoni steam. Now you may be wondering what a yoni steam is. Well, the answer is easy. It is a process in which the woman sits over a warm bowl filled with organic herbs to enhance the wellness of the vagina from the steam. Steam falls into the unconventional category when it comes to healing your uterus. Djara Hampton and Maria Ramos, owners of Uni Spa, have found progress from doing steam in their home. The spa experience is what you would imagine, a light questionnaire, soothing music playing in the background, followed by a guided meditation, refreshments, and snacks. Spa-goers are given a robe to wear while completing the service. There are also over 11 herbal blends to choose from to meet your flight needs. Each blend is used for various ailments, including cramps, menopause, uterine support, detox, libido, and fibroids. “For me, steaming helped me reconnect with myself while sending loving and positive energy to my uterus. Steaming has been a healthy practice that has helped me a lot in my personal journey,” Ramos said.

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