Disney Dreamlite Valley: Egg Decorating Task Guide

Thanks to the Eggstravaganza event in v1.4, there are new decorations for players to craft Disney Dreamlight Valley. Since the new items are related to events, collecting eggs is clearly a crucial step towards creating furniture.

Along with the new items, there are also new missions available in the main menu under the Village tab Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Eggs-ceptional Decorating mission is to craft new pieces of furniture at the Crafting Station to get a special reward.

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How to Complete the Egg Decorating Mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The task of decorating eggs in Disney's Dreamlight Valley

To complete the task of decorating eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valleythe dreamers must create four of the new objects and put them down. It doesn’t have to be four different pieces as dreamers can craft the same item four times. Available pieces are; “Don’t Put All in One Basket” Basket, Above Easy Chair, Bonus Spring Egg, and Sunny Side Up Bow.

“Don’t put it all in one basket”

Don't put them all in one basket at Disney's Dreamlite Valley

The Don’t Put It All in One Basket requires four items. Some of these materials are easy while others are difficult to collect because they need time to resurface. The material is:

  • Wild Spring Eggs x10: Found randomly on Earth in any biome.
  • Cell Egg Fruit x10: They are harvested from the jungles scattered around three random biomes.
  • Spring V-EGG-etable x5: Create seeds in the crafting station and tend to the plants to harvest them later.
  • fiber x20: Sold either at Kristoff’s Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley Or created on the crafting table using seaweed.

comfortable chair

On an easy chair in Disney's Dreamlight Valley

The Over Easy Chair is one of the easiest pieces to create Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players simply need two types of eggs, and that’s it. The chair requires:

  • Wild Spring Eggs x5: Explore each biome to find this egg randomly on the ground.
  • Cell Egg Fruit x5: Find and harvest three random spruce fruit bushes.

Spring Bounty Eggs

Spring Egg Bounty at Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Similar to the “Don’t Put All in One Basket”, the Spring Egg Bounty needs four items in it Disney Dreamlight Valley. For the required materials:

  • Wild Spring Eggs x15: The egg is found on Earth at random locations within each biome.
  • Cell Egg Fruit x 15: Find and harvest some bushes that have eggs.
  • Spring V-EGG-etable x15: Head to any crafting station, create the bag of seeds, plant them, and take care of the crops so they grow.
  • Stone x50: Mining any rock in any biome will drop some stones. It is also possible to find it at Kristoff’s Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Sunny Side Up Arc

Sunny Side Up Arch in Disney's Dreamlight Valley

The Sunny Side Up Arch is a group of balloons arranged in an arch. Players can use it for decoration. The materials needed are:

  • Wild Spring Eggs x25: Find random places around the valley to find this egg.
  • Cell Egg Fruit x25: There are three bushes randomly placed in the valley that grow egg cell fruits.
  • Spring V-EGG-etable x25: Harvest the grown crops by crafting some seeds on the crafting table.
  • Iron ingot x10: They are created in the crafting station using iron ore and coal ore and can be purchased at Kristoff’s kiosk.

Once all the pieces have been placed, the players will receive tulip lamp purpose.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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