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Dear Heloise: The Whirlpool dryer belt recently broke. Since older and older devices tend to last longer than newer models, I decided to get it fixed. I did some research and discovered that it is very easy to open it and get to the guts of the dryer. Incredibly, there was a lot of lint and dust accumulated inside! Prior to the repair, I was able to clean the entire interior.

I would encourage everyone to look at their dryers and see if they need to be vacuumed. – Bev, Spokane, Washington

Savings on lotion

Dear Heloise: The tube that my hand lotion comes in is about 7 inches long, so when it nears the end, it’s impossible to squeeze lotion out of the tube. So, I cut it about three inches off the top, so I ended up having two parts of the tube. There is a generous amount of lotion inside that I hadn’t previously had access to; However, when the tube is cut in half, I can take it all out.

When I use it, I put one half of it on top of the other. This will seal in the lotion residue and keep it nice and usable. I estimate there are about 20 applications of lotion inside the tube that i can use afterward. – Barbara K. Hotch, San Antonio

Reuse pillows

Dear Heloise: When I recently read your suggestions about reusing pillow cases, another use close to home came to mind. My wife has wreaths for every season/holiday period. Wreaths hang on the wall on the front porch. I will suggest to her that if she decides that the pillowcase no longer fits on one’s head, she can use the pillowcase to store wreaths.

The only wreath that does not fit a pillow case is our extra large Christmas wreath. We use a 30 gallon trash bag for that.

With best regards and smiles. – Tim Davis, Kettering, Ohio

Laundry advice

Dear Heloise: In response to the woman who wrote that the bottles of laundry detergent are heavy, they now make the laundry detergent i have been using, which is obviously very light and soluble. There are many brands. The biggest plus is that using laundry sheets eliminates the amount of laundry bottles in our landfills. – Mary Eminger, Laguna Woods, California

down jackets

Dear Heloise: I have several jackets on hand, and I never travel without them. I often use a down jacket instead of a hotel pillow. I know it’s clean because I washed it. I can wear it if the weather is cold and wrap my breakable items in it for plane travel. Once, I used it to finish off an abandoned puppy who was freezing on the side of the highway.

Note: We have kept the puppy, she just turned 7 years old. – John G, Blaine, Minnesota

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