Experts share how often you really need to wash your bedding

A bedding expert tells you how often you need to wash your bedding.

People spend a third of their lives sleeping in bed, which makes it very important to make sure you are comfortable and clean. Making sure you wash your bedding regularly can actually prevent you from getting sick.

But how often regularly? The bedding experts at Bed Kingdom have revealed how often you need to change your bed sheets.

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It is recommended to wash and change bed sheets once a week, or at most every two weeks. Once a week is a healthy balance of washing sheets regularly enough to avoid the buildup of bacteria, germs, and dirt, without so often that it becomes difficult to fit them into your routine.

However, changing your bed sheets weekly can be challenging, especially if you are busy with work, taking care of the kids, or just catching up on the daily chores. So why do you need to change your bedding so often?

A Bed Kingdom spokesperson said: “We lose a lot of fluids and body oils every night through sweating and breathing. We shed dead skin cells, and scrub dirt off our bodies when we toss and turn.

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