Finally, some dignity for the city’s sanitation workers: a robot to help clean up the sewage | Bhopal News

Bhopal: Automated intervention can put an end to manual digging in the state capital. Bhopal Mayor Multi Rai on Saturday inspected a demonstration of cleaning sewage through a sewage cleaning machine.
It is the first of the other proposed demonstrations. There are other options to explore. The most suitable alternative to the budget can be deployed. Ray said that our biggest goal is to develop and install methods that lead to non-human intervention in the wastewater cleaning process. She will be joined by Swach workers at Ravindra Bhawan on Sunday morning.
Manual garbage collection is prohibited, and the 2013 Rehabilitation Act recognizes manual cleaning of sewers as an inhumane practice.
Demonstrators offered to clean the semi-automated sewage system with cameras installed giving a view from the inside. A robotic arm catches the sludge and it is pulled out.
Al Rai has been informed that BMC is complying with the guidelines given by the Supreme Court regarding manual sewer cleaning. Vehicle-mounted sewage cleaning machines were purchased.
The robotic demonstrators claimed that the machine was capable of removing sludge up to 20 feet deep from the chamber. They claimed that nine states used this technique.
Right now, Rai ordered that the working process of other companies’ machines should be studied.

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