Fire crews were called to Ypsilanti’s apartment after residents were notified of burning laundry

YPSILANTE, Mich. — Fire crews were called to an apartment in Ypsilanti Wednesday when the resident noticed his clothes were on fire.

Ypsilanti Fire Department crews responded to the call on the 200 block of South Grove Street shortly after midnight April 26, officials said.

The resident, who was the only home at the time, took the clothes outside, where he and a neighbor put them out, officials said, adding that fire brigades tackled fire spots that made their way into the carpet and floorboards.

Officials said the fire caused between $5,000 and $10,000 in damages to the land, adding that there were no injuries.

Officials said the apartment is currently uninhabitable, though the occupant refused assistance from the American Red Cross.

Firefighting crews left the scene at approximately 1:35 am. The Ypsilanti Fire Department was assisted by crews from the towns of Superior and Ypsilanti.

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