Ford helps the deaf mother and son communicate with the gift of Mach-E

Commercial for stronghold Mustang Mach-E turned out to be a “life-changing” experience for a deaf mother and her son, who starred in it with the help of actress and singer Jennifer Hudson.

The ad, which first aired in February, shows Arlene Nagali, 35, and her 16-year-old son, Darren Lopez, driving a Mach-E equipped with a BlueCruise. After Ngalle uses the driver-assist feature to put the electric crossover into hands-free mode, she takes her hands off the steering wheel, turns to Lopez and, using sign language, tells him, “Finally, we have a chance to talk.”

Hudson was moved by the announcement and invited Ngal and Lopez to appear on her daytime talk show. After interviewing them about the ad and the challenges they face due to deafness, Hudson presents them with a BlueCruise-equipped 2024 Mach-E, priced at about $53,000.

“The experience of receiving an unexpected, generous gift can be incredibly emotional,” Najali told Detroit Free Press Last week, when the program was shown. “It is not an exaggeration to say that this news has been life-changing.”

She said the car helped her and Lopez communicate just as the ad was filmed.

“We can talk away without worrying about safety or appearing like a reckless driver,” Najali told the newspaper. “With our busy schedules, any opportunity I get to spend quality time with a teen is a valuable opportunity, and BlueCruise has given us even more opportunities for that.”

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