From now on, the bread you buy will contain more oats and grains. Here’s why! | Kitchen corner

New Delhi: Guidelines for ensuring the quality of specialty breads will come into effect from Monday. Your whole wheat bread or garlic bread should now contain the main ingredients in the specified amount. The latest guidelines aim to ensure the quality of at least two dozen specialty breads.

According to the suggested guidelines, whole wheat bread should contain at least seventy-five percent wheat while brown bread should contain fifty percent wheat. Meanwhile, garlic bread should contain at least 2% garlic and other complementary natural ingredients. Oatmeal bread should contain 15% oats. From tomorrow on, whole grain bread must contain 10% cereal powders other than wheat for the next year. It should be increased to 20% after that.

Similarly, milk bread should contain 6% milk and 5% honey in honey bread. The directions say that cheese bread needs to be 10% cheese. Fruit and raisin bread should contain at least 10% of the main ingredients. Meanwhile, 15% protein should be included in protein-enriched bread.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India came up with the regulations as it noted that manufacturers were selling products containing trace amounts of special ingredients at high prices.

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