Graffiti Bus Messages is intended to inspire and uplift Ames students

Sarah Knight, Director General of School Services Durham, shows off the positive graffiti on display inside a school bus.  The Graffiti Bus will be used one day on each route in the Ames School District and is intended to uplift and encourage students.

I started with 11 magic words and signs.

Technically, the graffiti on a school bus in Ames was vandalism, and when that day’s driver first saw it at the end of its route, she sighed, knowing she had some cleanup to do.

But quiet moments often make a big impact.

“Then I read it,” said Sarah Knight, general manager of Durham School Services, which was making up for an absent driver that day.

The words affixed to the back of the seat were somewhat upscale, a far cry from the usual immature creations.

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