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Pressure washing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to clean stubborn dirt. The most powerful pressure washers can cost hundreds of dollars, but you don’t need that much power to handle most everyday tasks. Greenworks pressure washers settle in nicely in this niche, and save a lot of energy at a reasonable cost.

The best pressure washer from Greenworks is the Greenworks Pro 2,300 Psi 2.3 Gpm TruBrushless Electric Pressure Washer. It includes multiple nozzles to tackle any task and has wheels for easy portability.

All Greenworks pressure washers run on electricity, but some tasks may require the power of a gas washer.

  • It works with electricity Washing machines use a power cord or are battery operated—Greenworks offers both. Corded washers have more power while battery washers can really go anywhere. Regardless of the electricity source, these pressure washers are affordable and best for delicate to medium jobs.
  • Gas powered Washing machines are more powerful than average and can go anywhere. However, they are heavier, more expensive, and run on gas—an expensive, high-emissions fuel.

Depending on its weight, which is strongly affected by its strength, a Greenworks pressure washer may only have wheels or a carrying handle. Low to medium power models typically weigh between 15 and 30 pounds and use a carrying handle. Medium to high powered models weigh up to 50 lbs. and have wheels.

Greenworks battery-powered washing machines are the lightest, usually weighing around 10 pounds. They look and carry like guns.

The power of a Greenworks pressure washer is determined by the water pressure and flow rate.

  • water pressure It is measured using pounds per square inch and is the simplest way to measure the power of a pressure washer. Greenworks pressure washers have 600-3,000 psi, with most in the 1,500-2,300 psi range.
  • Tidal rate It is measured in gallons per minute and is closely related to water pressure. Most pressures have a matching flow rate, but some Greenworks pressure washers with matching psi may have different flow rates. In these cases, more gpm is better. Most Greenworks pressure washers have a gpm from eight-tenths to 2.3.

The best Greenworks pressure washers have the longest hoses and power cords to make reaching your goal as easy as possible. Greenworks’ longest hoses are 25 feet and the longest power cords are 35 feet.

The best Greenworks pressure washers come with five nozzles, while the worst ones only have one. Most of them come with three. In addition, better washers will have internal storage for each nozzle to reduce the risk of losing them. The five possible nozzles are soap dispensing, turbo and three water jet angles.

Greenworks pressure washers usually cost $100-$400, depending on their power. Most cost $250. The weakest models cost no more than $150 while the most powerful ones cost $300 to $400.

a. Yes, but you have to take some precautions to make sure you don’t damage it. First, be sure to use the wider angle nozzle that your Greenworks pressure washer comes with. If the angle is too tight, it may clip your car. Second, don’t stray too far from 2,000 psi. A higher level is bad for obvious reasons, while a lower pressure won’t clean it effectively.

a. Yes and no. Most water temperatures other than hot or cold are safe to use in a Greenworks pressure washer. If the temperature is uncomfortable for you, don’t use it. Try to use warm water if you can as it tends to provide a better clean.

This differs from an electric washer, which requires the water temperature to be at least 150 degrees on average.

What you need to know: This can clean up almost anything that gets thrown away.

What you will love: The 25-foot hose and 35-foot power cord make it easy to reach any mess around the house. It comes with five nozzles – 15°, 25°, 40°, soap and turbo. The motor has a 10-year warranty and the rest is covered by a three-year warranty.

What you should consider: She’s big. Make sure you have storage space for that. There is no internal storage for the nozzles, so be careful not to lose them.

Where to buy: Available on Amazon

What you need to know: This low-cost, low-pressure washer is ideal for the average homeowner.

What you will love: The entire unit weighs just 17.36 pounds, which makes hauling it with its handle a breeze. It comes with a soap bar, a 25-degree nozzle and a 40-degree nozzle. It uses a quick connect system to make setup and removal even faster. It is covered by a three-year warranty.

What you should consider: It struggles with deep grime, but that’s not a problem if you brush regularly. A few customers wished the power cord and hose were longer.

Where to buy: Available on Amazon

What you need to know: This is Greenworks’ most powerful model for the toughest jobs.

What you will love: It’s built to go the distance with its never-flat wheels, 35-foot power cord and 25-foot hose. It comes with five quick-connect nozzles stored onboard. The pump stops automatically when the trigger is not pulled to extend its life. It has a soap tank on board.

What you should consider: It has enough power to damage what you’re trying to clean if you’re not careful. Make sure to follow all instructions in the manual.

Where to buy: Available on Amazon

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