Hi-Fi Rush Update 4 patch notes add quality of life improvements

Update 4’s patch notes Hi-Fi Rush Players can now see what arrived with the new version. Instead of bringing big changes and features, the latest version of the title focuses on some improvements. This patch, just like in the previous version, includes many changes, such as removing a vulnerability that allows players to constantly resell attacks they have already sold. We highly recommend updating for the latest changes. scan the Hi-Fi Rush Update 4 patch notes below.

Hi-Fi Rush 4 patch notes

Hi-Fi Rush 4 Update Patch Notes - Cinematic Screenshots

Image source: CageGame

This update contains some improvements to the game, detailed below:

  • A vulnerability that allowed players to continuously resell attacks already sold by the player has been removed. This adds realism because you cannot sell what is no longer yours.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Specialist” Challenge would not unlock on the Wall of Fame despite purchasing all available Special Attacks in the game. (Note: This is retroactive, so if you have already purchased the attacks, the objective will be recorded as completed automatically)
  • Fixed an issue where the cool hidden animation of playing with the 808 on the couch would not play while outfitted with the Bossplay Roquefort outfit.
  • Fixed support for PSO caching in the Microsoft Store version, which may cause hangs while playing.
  • The softness of the Hideaway Modified Couch Pillow refreshes chai better when relaxing between errands.

As we saw above, the latest update focuses on some improvements. Meanwhile, if you missed the previous patch for the game, you can find the patch notes for it below or here.

Quality of life updates

2D Rhythm Game Assist (found in the accessibility menu)

  • Available on Easy and Normal difficulty settings, this feature provides a wider window of success for timed entries. Note that the added frames for hit entries vary based on the BPM of the music playing during that track.
  • Missing entries will still allow players to complete the rhythm game (instead of instant failure); Players must make at least 70% correct entries to succeed.

Events that this feature applies to include:

  • The generators on Track 01 and Track 03
  • Track 04 AR lens destroyed
  • Activate data nodes in lane 05
  • Destroy the barrier in lane 11

Auto Rhythm Barry

Available on Easy and Normal difficulty settings, pressing and holding the button for the first action in a Forced Avoid (or Evade) event will allow Shay to automatically avoid or evade subsequent actions in the event.

  • It’s okay to lose the initial action, as long as players press and hold enter for the next action. The player must still dodge most of the attacks (about 70%) in order to “succeed” in these game events.
  • In a Rhythm Parry attack, players must still hit the attack or respond to the Beat Hit prompt to deliver the finishing blow.

This procedure can be used to:

  • Barry rhythm attacks (regular enemies and bosses)
  • VU-REV grab attacks that require dodge
  • The laser that requires avoiding its destruction

Collectible information

  • The stage selection screen now displays the number of collectibles you have found in each stage. If there are no collectibles of a certain type at a certain stage, it will display 0/0.
  • Combos completed in a level will display a green check mark on the stage selection screen.

Bug fixes

  • During the second phase of the battle with Roquefort, an issue was fixed where some actions could cause the user to fall into the abyss, making it impossible to advance.
  • Fixed an issue with Lane 1, where the player could use the ripper obstacle to be pushed out of the world.
  • Fixed an additional case where a “Fatal UE4 Error” could occur.
  • Fixed an issue in Lane 7 where if the player received Game Over just like when the last enemy to fight is defeated, the magnet point would not be able to grapple and prevent progression after the game reloaded.
  • Fixed an example where the “Saw All Those Events Coming” achievement might not unlock for players who performed maneuvers in Training Mode before completing them in the level.
  • Squeezing both Light and Heavy attacks together while Rhythm Parry attacks Brut-1L in Lane 3 will properly destroy it.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes display enemy HP gauges off screen after unpausing the game.
  • Fixed a bug where some enemies could not be defeated even when their HP meter showed “0”.
  • Minor bug fixes and adjustments to photo mode.
  • The SCR-UB’s official paint color was updated from Blue to Cyber ​​Blue in hopes of increasing the “wow factor” among younger audiences.

Update 4 is available on Windows and Xbox Series X | S.

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