How planned developments are improving the urban living experience

In recent years, planned developments have emerged as a popular form of residential development in India, offering buyers the opportunity to build their dream homes from scratch. Showcasing the freedom to design and customize homes, planned developments are revolutionizing the concept of home ownership and changing the way buyers view and build their personal spaces. As a result, many well-known brands are now investing in planned development projects, expanding the market and providing buyers with a wide range of options to choose from.

Freedom to customize

The allure of planned developments lies in the potential to create living space that is unique and tailored to the buyer’s specific needs and preferences. Unlike pre-built homes, buyers have complete control over the design, layout, and features of their new home. From the number of rooms to the interior design styles, the possibilities are endless. This level of customization is particularly attractive to those looking for a one-of-a-kind living space that matches their taste and style.

An upscale community living experience

Apart from the flexibility of the design, planned developments are also required for its location. These projects are usually located at the outskirts of metro cities and provide ample space and land without compromising connectivity and access to social infrastructure. The gated communities and integrated cities that house such projects provide an array of luxury amenities including swimming pools, clubhouses, parks, jogging tracks and other community spaces. The added benefit of sprawling green spaces and well-manicured gardens in these communities also provides a calm and peaceful environment for the residents to relax in. Furthermore, residents can indulge in outdoor activities without having to venture far from home, with access to sports facilities such as tennis and badminton courts, which ideally require plenty of space and, more often than not, will be available at a noticeable distance from one’s home. in the city.

Financial benefits of planned developments

In addition to the lifestyle benefits, planned projects also offer higher returns on investment. As a long-term asset, a property is usually valued over the years. However, planned developments generate higher returns because they are often located in peripheral areas, amidst growth corridors that tend to increase in population over time, which greatly increases the value of these developments. Moreover, private and spacious residences within the gated communities also add to the value on offer.

What makes planned projects more attractive is the lower investment costs compared to pre-built homes. The sale price of development sites for sale is usually lower than that of a completed home, with plots and projects located in destinations where land is available and can be used more effectively. Additionally, once the home is built, lower maintenance costs are incurred, and renovation is less likely to be needed, having already been designed to the buyer’s preference and taste.

Future planned developments in India

Planned projects have the potential to disrupt the Indian real estate industry, offering buyers the freedom to design and build their dream homes while offering an array of lifestyle amenities within a gated community. Given the choice, one is likely to choose the allotment option over others while thinking of building their dream home. As more and more people prioritize having a unique living space that caters to their own needs and preferences, planned developments are expected to become a more popular trend in the Indian real estate market.



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