How the Right Office Chair Can Add Good Feng Shui to Your Home Office

The most important component to look for in your office chair is a comfortable, supportive, and tall chair back. The strong high back provides better posture and spine support, which improves confidence in career and protects you from behind. You should be able to tilt your head and shoulders back into the chair and feel comfortable sitting for hours at a time. In addition to the high back, choose smooth and flowing lines and avoid sharp corners, which can produce chaotic and negative energy. Any additional headrests, armrests, and accessories are up to you, but simplicity is a key tenant of good feng shui, so try to keep your overall chair design simple.

Your chair materials also play a role in feng shui. In general, you’ll want to avoid plastics and synthetic materials as much as possible. Instead, find items that relate to the bagua sector of your home office or choose materials that will enhance your work. For example, metal details on a chair will promote focus and order, while wood will promote creativity and growth. Leather, fur, and faux fur are good feng shui choices. Finally, look for colors or patterns that improve the flow of chi, including yellow, soft gold, pale orange, blue, green, white, or cream. Patterns with green leaves, dragons, fish, water motifs and ships will also promote career success.

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