How to incorporate an ethereal aesthetic into your home decor

Sure, the aesthetic is whimsical and playful, but it’s important to distinguish ethereal decor from childlike decor. For a mature and ethereal vibe, you’ll want to steer clear of overly saturated hues and sickly sweet pieces. It might instead be helpful to picture the room of an adult prince or princess, outfitted with timeless luxury, understated glamor, and romantic details. White is a favorite color in the ethereal aesthetic because it reflects light around a room, but you don’t have to be monochromatic to look bright and ethereal. In fact, this interior design style looks best when balanced with pastel lavender, pink, blue, sage, or gold accents.

Another must-have in the ethereal aesthetic are semi-sheer or lace curtains, perfect for gently filtering sunlight into your space and giving everything a whimsical, dreamy feel. In bedrooms, a canopy bed can look stunning, as can white or faded velvet furniture and throw pillows. The furniture should be made of wood or metal that has been stained or lightly painted. Glass, gold, and silver details are the way to go. An ethereal aesthetic should remain open and airy, so avoid excessive clutter at all costs. In terms of d├ęcor, keep things simple and happy with some ceramic ornaments and fresh bouquets, and add a touch of magic with fairytale or romantic artwork.

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