Identify and treat bed bugs in your home

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Posted May 7, 2023

Bed bugs are not only a nuisance in your home, but they are also a danger to your health and that of your family. However, identifying and treating bed bugs as early as possible is vital.

Identify bed bugs

Bed bugs have narrow torsos, which enable them to squeeze into the smallest spaces in bedding and various types of furnishings. These are the few popular places where bed bugs make their home:

  • Mattress seams (all types of bedding are susceptible to bed bugs)
  • Sofa inserts, pillow and pillow inserts
  • Drapes (most likely on the inside of the folds and on the inside of the lining)

You may also find bed bugs in places other than bedding and upholstery. These include:

  • Headboard and bed frames (yes, bed bugs are found in the cracks in the wood)
  • In the joints of furniture, especially furniture that features a cushion
  • Behind posters and paintings on the walls
  • Inside loose wallpaper, especially near the ceiling

Detecting and treating bed bugs can be challenging, since bed bugs are inactive during the day and usually choose darkness to come out. Plus, they dig deep inside bedding and furniture pads. Therefore, you will need a good flashlight and maybe even a magnifying glass to identify bed bugs.

Signs of bed bugs

The first telltale sign in most cases are signs of a bed bug bite and itchy skin (which may indicate other causes as well). Bed bug droppings are another sign of an infestation. Look for dark, point-sized spots. Live bugs are usually reddish (or brown) in color and about 1/4y from an inch.

You may also see dead bed bugs, which appear as red spots, which are easier to see against lighter bedding. On the other hand, bed bug eggs are pale yellow (the same color as the outer shell of young bed bugs), which is relatively difficult to spot.

Bed bug treatment

Bed bugs can look a lot like some other pests that occur in homes. So if you find one and aren’t sure if you picked the right pest, take a picture to show the pest control expert.

As for the treatment of bed bugs, it is best to seek the help of a professional. Most of the pests that occur in homes in Dubai and UAE can be treated using ready-made products. However, the kind of guarantee you get regarding the eradication and prevention of bed bugs (and other pests) with bed bug control service in Dubai is unmatched.

You can rest easy knowing your home has been inspected and treated by seasoned professionals for bed bugs. Changing bedding can be a hassle, both in terms of time and money, when you have bed bugs in your home. Plus, you never know where bed bugs might be. Therefore, call in bed bug exterminators.

Standard bed bug removal includes the application of powdered or liquid insecticides. In addition to chemical treatments, pest specialists may use heat treatments to kill bed bugs. A typical bed bug treatment may take 2 to 4 sessions (depending on how prevalent the disease is in your home) for a complete cleanup.

One last note

Early intervention is the best possible solution when it comes to pests, especially bed bugs. A pest control expert will leave no stone unturned in identifying and treating bed bugs, giving you much-needed security and peace of mind.

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