I’m a home cook, and my air fryer recipe for nachos takes minutes and is so delicious, it couldn’t be easier

A woman who loves to create recipes using her air fryer shared her ultimate meal of nachos and cheese that takes minutes to prepare.

The cost of living crisis is no joke, so finding affordable and delicious recipes is a must for many families.

A woman revealed her amazing air fryer nachos recipescredit: TikTok/@aerergirluk
I put the nachos in the air fryer for five minutes to melt the cheesecredit: TikTok/@aerergirluk
Topped with sour cream, guacamole, and jalapeñoscredit: TikTok/@aerergirluk

And when a woman realized she had a winning nachos dinner on her hands, she couldn’t help but share it with others.

Taking to her social media channel, Air Fryer Girl began her short clip by showing the box of Capsicana lightly salted tortilla chips she was going to use.

“Air fryer 5 minutes Nachhhhos,” I wrote above this before dividing the chips evenly between two containers.

Using the same brand, I then took a bottle of their easy sauce, which has mild paprika and smoked paprika, and put some of it on the chips using a spoon.

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This was followed by serving healthy cheese before placing both bowls into the Ninja Air Fryer.

I set the timing, left them there to thaw for about five minutes at 190 degrees.

I took them out, then took some sour cream and added some dollops of it before repeating this step with the guacamole.

Adding a few jalapenos to finish, TikTokair userfryergirluk zoomed in and viewed the result, which looked delicious.

I served this alongside a “Mexican feast” of chicken mix, red peppers, grilled corn, beans, salad and cheese.

“5-Minute Air Fryer Nachos! And I wrote in the caption.

People have been liking our nachos and have taken to the comments to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “Looks great” with a smiley emoji.

Another post: “I do this but in two layers so your salsa and cheese work all the way through, they look great.”

A third asked: “Hi where did you buy that plz salsa xx”, to which she replied: “Sainsbury’s”.

Another can’t help but wonder where she got her containers from.

Luckily, the woman linked it in her bio, revealing it’s called the Ninjas Dual Air Fryer Silicone Pot, which sells for £10 on Amazon.

Served with “Mexican Feast”credit: TikTok/@aerergirluk

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