I’m a professional window cleaner and you’ve been doing everything wrong

Oftentimes, it seems as if window cleaning is an impossible task.

There is always a little bit of water that you missed with the squeegee and it doesn’t matter how many times you swiped it over the glass, the watermarks still seem to stick.

A professional window cleaner reveals how to get clean glassCredit: TikTok/@theoriginalmelvo
Show the wrong and right way to clean windowsCredit: TikTok/@theoriginalmelvo
While some people approved of his method, others were left unimpressedCredit: TikTok/@theoriginalmelvo

But one man, a professional window cleaner, finally shared where you might be going wrong and how to fix it.

Taking to his TikTok account, Melvo posted a video of himself cleaning two windows — using one to show what most people do wrong and the other to show how to do it.

“The wrong way to clean windows,” he wrote above the clip as he pulled a squeegee horizontally across one window from left to right.

When done all the way, soapy water can be seen on the edges of the windows, which can lead to watermarks.

He shook his head, then started working on the second window.

“The right way,” he wrote on this part of the passage, pulling the mop up from the bottom left corner before moving it to the right in a sweeping motion.

Then he brought it back to the bottom right corner, pulling it back to the center before bringing it back down again from the center.

This method ensures that the soapy water is completely off the window, including the edges.

Viewers raved about his style and took to the comments to praise him, with one person writing: “The left is the rookie and the right is the veteran.”

Another begged him to clean their windows and they asked, “Well, when you come to me?” (sic)

“Just right,” said a third, while a fourth added, “That’s clean, my man. Literally and figuratively!”

But some think @theoriginalmelvo is still doing it the wrong way with one saying: “As a window cleaner it takes a long time. Start in the corner. Zig-zag down the road faster. No need for a lot of soap and water. A lot to wipe.” (sic)

Another said, “Well, still your right way is wrong way, which ends with a final blow in the middle of the window” (sic) with a laughing emoji.

“Not the right way. Don’t finish the squeegee in the middle of the pain of the glass. That’s how your left with the squeegee lines.” (sic)

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