Is SWAT Renewal Good News for Black-Led TV Series?

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It’s that time of year when… Networks must make decisions about their future Programming. We’ve already seen some surprising moves and totally anticipated cancellations announced. However, CBS fans of the cop drama have been delighted SWAT When I decided to renew the series just days after it had initially announced its cancellation.

according to TV lineFriday , Shemar Moore The drama is officially axed. However, the fiery response from the star and backlash from his fans seemed to change CBS’s mind. When the show’s cancellation was originally announced, Moore took to it Instagram To share his frustrations, saying, “I’m a little sad. I’m so sad…SWAT cancelled. Does not make sense. In the past two years, we’ve killed it…we did nothing wrong. We have done everything that is required. Did you know I’m the only African American man on Network TV? …SWAT is the most popular variety show on CBS. Don’t think we’re done. Either CBS will wake up and realize they made a mistake. Sony will do their math and realize that this is not the right move. I hope we can get kumbaya and get back together and continue this show because it’s a good time for families all over the world.”

While Moore’s frustrations are understandable, por record, All Americans; neighborhood; Law and order; Grand Cru; And NCIS: Los Angeles They all have black male leads.

Seems like he was right about everyone changing their minds, Because it was Monday, CBS reversed course and decided to bring the series back for a seventh and final season. If you read between the lines of the network’s statement, CBS and Sony Pictures Television may have realized that the show was making more money than they thought and that the studio couldn’t afford to lose right now.

There is also an effect WGA Writers Strike, which led to uncertainty about the upcoming 2023-24 TV season. Although several pilots have been produced and finished, that doesn’t mean a full series is ready. It makes sense for networks to build on proven successes such as SWAT, instead of rolling the dice on something that cannot start production until the strike is over. At the very least, CBS can still rebroadcast the procedural until the writers and studios reach an agreement and production can resume. Why do you think CBS practically renewed its entire schedule? Why ABC is ready to take over 9-1-1 For the seventh season? NBC sticks with what works and takes back whatever it has Chicago one And Law and order series. In addition to reality shows and adjustments in broadcast schedules, the strike could lead to more unlikely renewals. this Asks the question: WBad black led Programs taking advantage of the desperation of television networks?

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