It’s time to watch the crop bugs

Ned Berkey

weather: amazing! All the people I watch and listen to predict nice weather in May. The temperatures have returned to normal, with some rain too, but nothing like the eight straight days we had from April 26th to May 3rd.

With nice weather, the main value of checking the growing study days at the MSU Enviroweather Station at Applewood Orchards in Deerfield is predicting insect development. Although there is still a chance of frost, no one expects it, so some people plant warm season crops.

pasture It is often overlooked and therefore not managed properly. Should soil samples be taken on rotating or permanent pastures? Should it be managed from weeds? The answer to both questions is, of course, yes, pastures are a crop for livestock and therefore need to be properly managed. Animals will not do well if there is little growth of desired plant species, they don’t particularly like weeds, and some weeds are harmful. The procedure for drawing soil samples is the same regardless of crop, obtaining representative sample(s) from the field. Pasture lawns need a nitrogen fertilizer similar to grass or other grasses, such as corn or wheat, and may need lime, phosphorous, or potassium.

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