Jasmine Roth reveals the worst mistake you can make in your kitchen

When most people think of their dream kitchen, they imagine the design, the color of the cabinets, or the look of the backsplash tiles. But these are only cosmetic changes. Problems arise when you start to make deeper renovations without preparing properly. Jasmine Roth has clients who get overzealous with their home renovations and begin disrupting systems behind the scenes.

Within the walls of your kitchen, you have water, electric and gas systems that help run your kitchen. And if you’re not careful, you could damage these systems. Realtor says one of Roth’s clients did just that by accident when he tried to remove a peninsula in favor of an island. A customer accidentally exposed a gas line during a kitchen renovation.

Exposed gas line is very dangerous and can lead to gas leakage. The gas released into the air can cause natural gas poisoning to humans or pets living in the home, Louis Spaak says, and if the gas builds up, the risk of fire or explosion becomes even greater. Likewise, a downed electrical line or connection can lead to a fire. Exposed or broken water pipes can cause flooding inside the home. Before you swing any hammers, experts recommend locating all of your systems to avoid disaster.

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