Kelsey Deckert: Pollinator Landscapes

Gardeners put in a lot of time and effort when it comes to managing their gardens throughout the growing season. Their efforts are often seen in bountiful harvests. Although a lot of work goes into gardening, we can’t forget the hard workers in the garden: pollinators!

Do you want to make your landscape more attractive to pollinators? Want to learn more about helping to help monarchs now that they’re listed as an endangered species?

Join me on June 29th for the Menoken Farm landscaping program for pollinators. This is the third program in this year’s horticulture series brought to you by NDSU Extension, Burleigh County Soil Conservation District, and Morton County Soil Conservation District. There is no fee to attend this programme.

The evening begins at 5 pm starting with a free dinner. There will be four great speakers for the evening and presentations will begin at 5:45pm. Esther McGinnis, NDSU Extension horticulturist, will be the first speaker of the night with a presentation on meadow bee. Bee meadowsweet is growing in popularity as an alternative to regular lawn. They incorporate flowering plants into meadows to provide nectar and pollen for pollinators.

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Sandy Pepper, lead gardener at NDSU Extension, will be our second speaker to present on breeding monarchs. Sandy will share her own experience of what started as a “fun project” turned into a passion. You can learn about the role you play in helping these species thrive.

Our third speaker tonight is Chad Thorson, Burleigh County Soil Conservation Tree Technician. Chad will take a walking tour of the Menouken Farm Arboretum while discussing flowering trees and shrubs that attract pollinators.

I’m Kelsey Deckert, and I’ll be the final anchor tonight. My presentation will address common issues of trees and shrubs. There is a great love for trees in North Dakota and planting them is an investment. During this presentation, you will learn about several common issues we see and how to manage them.

You can register for the event at The deadline for registration is June 19.

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Kelsey Deckert is the Morton County Horticultural Extension Agent.

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