‘Light Up Green:’ Santa Barbara Behavioral Wellness County invites the community to decorate with lime green for Mental Health Month

Santa Barbara County, CA – As May approaches, Santa Barbara County Behavioral Wellness is calling on the community to “green light” for the upcoming Mental Health Month.

Behavioral Wellness said this is part of a nationwide initiative to light buildings lime green to “show community members that no one faces mental health challenges alone.”

Among other community events, Behavioral Wellness said the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors will declare May as Mental Health Month in its May 2nd session.

For those who want to join the May “green-lighting” and would like to have signs in the park while supplies last, Behavioral Wellness emailed Suzanne Grimmesey at [email protected].

In addition, the organization said those who wish to have their building placed on the state’s list of participants, which is recognized by America’s National Office of Mental Health, can also email the above address.

Other ways to “light green” include:

  • Post one or both of the available posters in your office or business;
  • Lime green is the official color of mental health, so you can wear lime green all month long;
  • and/or you may share personal wellness stories or self-care tips with others.

Mental Health America announced that this year’s Mental Health Month focuses on encouraging others to look around and look within, according to Behavioral Wellness.

“From your neighborhood to genetics, many factors play a role when it comes to mental health,” Behavioral Wellness writes. “We encourage everyone to think about how the world around them is affecting their mental health.”

Behavioral Wellness has provided downloadable fact sheets that support the month’s theme and further explore the impact of the environment on our mental health:

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, 988 is a national crisis line that can be reached via phone or text.

Behavioral Wellness said the toll-free Crisis Response and Services Reach Line can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888-868-1649 to help receive services.

To learn more about the Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Health, visit www.countyofsb.org/behavioral-wellness.

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