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Literary axis

May 9, 2023, 10:08 a.m

The most daring figures in literary history are mothers. They always generate important characters and take the form of exaggerated metaphors, and even, at times, marry their dead husband’s full-siblings, yet somehow they are minor characters when it comes to billing. This Sunday is the time to rectify that with some hastily obtained gifts chosen for the vague appeal and conviction that I don’t He thinks She has one of those.”

If you think one of these gifts might be perfect for your mom, or if you’re a mom and think you’d like to treat yourself, we’ve included recent links for you to click on. (Failing that, your mom would sure love to pick up a voucher for your nearest independent bookstore.)

To the presses!


Daisy Buchanan in F. Scott Fitzgerald The great Gatsby

Baby monitor - Nivea

Nanit – Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount – White, $239, Best Buy

Did you even catch the fact that Daisy and Tom are having a baby? The great Gatsby? Obviously, a baby is each’s responsibility, but with the way Daisy wanders around West Egg, a baby monitor with a good scope might make a nice gift. Just so she can check in while she goes back and forth, slowly, in her car.

Grendel’s mother Beowulf

Concha bath bombs

Bath Bombs That Look Like Loaves of Bread, $4.77, FelixModern

After Grendel is nearly torn in two by Beowulf, Grendel’s mother must seek brutal revenge, as a mother’s work simply is never done. Even after she takes the sword to Courage, do you think she gets a thank you? No, the author’s atmosphere is “a sickening, you’re only making it worse”, although Grendel cannot utter those words because he was beheaded by Beowulf, who was shared by his mother. No good deeds…!

Poor Grendel’s mother deserves some of my time. Let these seemingly mean bath bombs flow into the lake and carry their load.

by Addy Bundren in William Faulkner while dying

Fluid embalming tumbler

Embalming Liquid Tumbler, $15, Etsy

No mom is more tired than Addie, who spends most of her time while dying dead, and has long looked forward to escaping from her homework and engaging in the girls’ eternal weekend of cocktails, relaxation, and controlled decay. Give her what she really wants: some high-quality formaldehyde.

Lillian Hinchcliffe, mother to Catherine Dunn geek love

Smoking cloche from Williams-Sonoma

Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail Smoking Cloche, $249.95, Williams-Sonoma

Ah, the original Pinterest mom, she’s always making new (for the baby) recipes. Give Lillian something durable and beautiful, like this stunning glass lid, under which she can display the fruits of her family’s building.

By Elena Richardson in Celeste Ng’s Small fires everywhere

In this house we report

In This House We Believe Black Lives Matter Love Is Love BLM Double-Sided Square Banner (Weatherproof) + 2 BLM Stickers, $8.88+, NovaSigns

Elena Richardson is trying to do right by everyone, she is trying to raise the bar in Shaker Heights!!!!! She’s building a home for her kids, and she points out a lot of things all the time to a lot of people. Lighten the load by giving her that classic yard sign — tasteful, once you get past the kerning — for letting know her that you know that you want To know other people It has good values. She’s not a bad white lady!

by Mrs. Ramsey in Virginia Woolf to the lighthouse

3D laser cut gift

3D Crystal Rectangle for Mom, $49.99, 3Dlasergifts

The shit Mrs. Ramsay endures, from the men who blow up her house to the self-important pauper she married to. As the heroine and martyr of Virginia Woolf’s masterpiece, she deserves something extra special, something that says “time will go on, leaving us nothing but our memories of us sitting with our baby in the window like 3D laser-cut glass ornaments.”

Marmee in Louisa May Alcott little Women

Vermont butter

16 Ounce Lightly Salted Butter Vermont Creamy Chef’s Roll, $19.00, Murray’s Cheese

We always have no clue. This Mother’s Day, give her a piece of whipped butter and tell her not to share it with the poor or those with tuberculosis – it’s for her! To make it extra special, they crowded together on a chair and took turns eating pats of the goodie.

by Bernadette Snow in Maria Semple Where have you gone, Bernadette?

whiskey cube

Williams-Sonoma Whiskey Cube, Set of 2, $32.95, Williams-Sonoma

This is a conceptual gift we think Bernadette would love to be the reluctant suburban mom cringing at the gendered nightmare of suburban Seattle. Pointless architectural gift. There is a poop in the soup – why not a whiskey cube too.

For Nightbitch’s Rachel Yoder nightbeach

Juicy Couture collar - eBay

Buy it: Juicy Couture New Limited Edition Black Leash and Collar Set, $40, eBay

It’s time to celebrate who you really are, which in the case of Nightbitch is a slightly basic person who turns into a carnivore at night. Dress it up with this high neck and leash set. 🖤

to Cersei Lannister in George R.R. Martin Song of Fire and Ice

Cheese sword grater

FELEG DESIGN – Sword-Shaped Stainless Steel Mini Cheese Grater, $12.99, eBay

Very tickled about the marketing of this sword-shaped cheese grater, which declares, “Grated cheese doesn’t have to be a battle.” For the Lannister Genocide Queen, everything should actually be a battle. Thus, the perfect gift.

Why in Emma Donoghue room

custom jukebox

Natural Beech Wood Music Box with Custom Song and Personalized Engraved Design, $100, Etsy

Turn your local prison into a jukebox with this awesome custom creation! Pop your favorite tune (you’ll need WiFi access to request and choose a YouTube tune) into the little world you’ve created for your child and reminisce about the outside. I made one using “Just Like A Dream” from The Cure, and it’s great.

Leda at Elena Ferrante’s missing daughter

Bring back the wilderness in psoas retreat

Re-Wilding Psoas: Therapeutic Sanctuary in Tuscany Italy 2023, € 1,207, Core Awareness

Lida has passed the pageant, having two kids, raising two kids, letting those kids go for a few years, and then parenting a bit more. You can get Leda her very own doll for Mother’s Day (I Googled “dolls for adults” and the results were unsatisfactory), or you could get her what she really needs: a sanctuary that promises to “rebuild” primitive Pesua. ”

Note: This is not for psoas beginners. Attendees must have attended a previous psoas workshop.

More ideas? Leave it below for those of us who cut it right.

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