Mum who ‘sees 10 mice a day’ in her apartment is on the verge of ‘breaking point’

Cassie Locke has been dealing with Invasion since 2020 (SWNS)
Cassie Locke has been dealing with Invasion since 2020 (SWNS)

One mom says she’s about to “break down” after three years of rats running around her house.

Cassie Locke, 31, has been dealing with infestations since 2020 and claims to see up to ten lemmings a day.

The mum-of-two, from Maidstone, Kent, has contacted the Housing Association who have since sent her for pest control but the problem remains unresolved.

Luc, who has a phobia of mice, adds that she is now “completely exhausted” after unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem herself.

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A mousetrap has been set up near a mouse hole in Cassie's house.  (Swince)

He sets up a mousetrap near a mouse hole in Cassie’s house. (Swince)

The mother-of-two said: “There is a hole in my bedroom right next to where I sleep and I can hear them crawling and rustling all night long.

“I don’t end up sleeping until 3 or 4 in the morning and have to get up again at 7 to take the kids to school.

“I am totally exhausted and exhausted.”

When I first noticed rat droppings in her home, she called Golding Homes housing association immediately.

The Association has now sent a pest control officer who has set up traps and poisons.

Locke added: “I’ve tried everything, I just dropped five traps the other day and within two minutes three of them exploded at the same time.

“I did everything in my power to solve this problem even installing foam, expanding holes and setting traps every day and they either chew or make other holes.”

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Locke said she was worried about her children’s health and that she also had mold in her home which was causing breathing problems for her daughter.

She added, “I’m not comfortable in my house at all, they’re in my bedroom, my kids’ bedroom, bathroom, kitchen — everywhere.”

Terry Spillard, Assistant Client Manager at Golding Homes, said: “We are truly sorry for the problems Mrs. Locke encountered and are committed to resolving them so that she can live comfortably in her home.

“We have visited her home on previous occasions to address and remedy these issues, but now that they have reappeared we are arranging further visits for pest control and moisture and mold checks.”

“We will continue to work with them until these issues are resolved.”

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