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In response to Defra’s announcement, National Growers Federation Vice President David Exwood said: “The NFU has signed the Public Participation in the Plant Health Agreement as part of our ongoing work in raising awareness of the importance of plant health.

“Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility, from government, to those who grow and supply plants, and the public, so we think it is appropriate to share costs and responsibility for plant health.

“We believe in developing sustainable plant health solutions that enable UK farmers and growers to produce crops that meet the needs of the public, the environment and a profitable and productive agribusiness.”

Science-led approach

NFU agrees with the importance the government places on protecting plants from pests and diseases, to counter the threat they pose to food security, trade and biodiversity. Outbreaks of plant pests and diseases can result in significant losses and costs to agricultural businesses, the environment and the public.

We will look at the details of the New Great Britain plant biosecurity strategy to ensure it takes a risk-based, science-based approach that supports local production while ensuring GB plant health is effectively maintained.

You can read the strategy in full on the Government’s website: GOV.UK | Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain

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