NJDEP Carteret awards an additional $1.4 million Green Acres grant for Northern Riverwalk

The state Department of Environmental Protection recently awarded the Carteret District a $1.4 million Green Acres grant for the one-mile Northern Riverwalk, which recently began construction from Waterfront Park to Noes Creek, according to an announcement from Carteret Mayor Daniel J. Reiman.

Proposed improvements include the extension of the ADA-accessible waterfront boardwalk, the southern portion of which will soon open to the public. Like its southern counterpart, the North River Walk will include a 20-foot-wide walkway, railing, lighting, and on-site furnishings. Part of the trail extends over the water for a scenic view.

“This is a great opportunity to help expand our River Walk and Boardwalk,” said Reiman. “The new trail will increase public access to Arthur Kill and provide a passive entertainment resource for all ages. Working with the state, we’ve completed about a mile and a half of the trail now, and we’re adding another mile northward. Once it’s complete, we’ll have two and a half miles. It really highlights all of the investment.” and all the opportunities along the waterfront. We are very grateful to Governor Phil Murphy, NJDEP Commissioner Sean M. Latourette, and the Green Acres Company for this much needed funds to help complete this part of the project.”

NJDEP’s Green Acres Program will invest more than $92 million in funding for local governments and nonprofit land funds to acquire open space, develop parks, and perform park stewardship activities in every New Jersey county. The tour of more than 75 projects approved by the Garden State Preservation Trust includes:

  • $45.1 million for local development of parks and recreational facilities;
  • $27.2 million for local (municipal and local) land acquisition projects;
  • $7.4 million for local development of all-inclusive stadiums;
  • $4.4 million for acquisition projects by nonprofits;
  • $3.8 million for local stewardship projects;
  • $3.6 million for nonprofit entertainment development;
  • $720,000 for nonprofit stewardship projects.

“The projects recommended for funding by the independent Garden State Preservation Trust will help build and modernize New Jersey’s outstanding parks, recreation, and open space inventories while providing comprehensive playgrounds,” said Murphy. “These grants and loans will benefit many communities across the state by providing opportunities to participate in healthy activities, enjoy the outdoors, and spend quality family time together.”

Added Latourette: “From our incredible Green Acres investments in local parks, to our historic investments in natural resource restoration across the state, the Murphy Administration has its money at its heart. Through Governor Murphy’s vision and leadership, we are investing again in our planet with Green Acres Awards in every county, and we are accelerating our work to ensure that our neighbors across New Jersey can connect with nature and each other in high-quality recreational and open spaces.”

Riverwalk is located in Carteret within a local development of parks and recreational facilities.

The town also recently received a North River Walk Community Development Grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Northern Riverwalk will hug the shoreline through Waterfront Park and a treated preservation facility donated by DuPont, and is also the future site of the Carteret Intermodal Transportation Building, the hub for the town’s upcoming ferry service, and Carteret Stages, a movie studio and hotel under development. The Northern Riverwalk will connect the future transportation building to Waterfront Park, Carteret Fishing Pier, Waterfront Fitness Trail and Carteret Marina.

“The River Walk doesn’t end there,” said Remin. “The town is planning to acquire an abandoned Conrail line that runs parallel to the Peter J. Sica Industrial Highway and waterfront. We’re going to create a 5-mile loop. Basically, we’re going to create a five-mile concept from Rails to Trails to Boardwalk.”

Updates about the Northern Riverwalk will be available at Carteret.net.

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