Not just a parade, a parade: Parade of Homes 2023

Not just a parade, a parade: Parade of Homes 2023

The annual Chippewa Valley Show is back to showcase craftsmanship, design, and awe-inspiring excitement

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“farmhouse” to “modern”. Just one of the trends that will be featured at this year’s Homes Parade. (View Lowes Estates Lot 29)

If you’re actively looking for the right path towards home ownership, or you’re already a homeowner looking to upgrade, this June’s Parade of Homes is just for you.

This year marks the 49th Annual Home Builders Association of Chippewa Valley Show. Attendees will be able to view 10 new homes and two remodels in person, as well as a virtual home and virtual remodel.

This year’s homes range in price from $300,000 to $800,000, not including factors like lots, landscaping, and well or septic systems. These factors are determined by the locations of this year’s homes, all of which are close to Chippewa Valley for the convenience of attendance. Parade homes can be found primarily in Eau Claire, but some are also located in Lake Hallie, Altoona, and near Hickory Hills Golf Course.

With that said, the show is not only meant to be a showcase of homes, but it also serves to provide ideas and inspiration for future home improvements, projects, and designs—or in creating a future home. “Whether you’re looking for decorating ideas, paint colors, flooring options, or just want to see the latest trends, there’s something for everyone,” said Christina Thrun, executive director at the Chippewa Valley Homebuilders Association.


Simply by keeping an eye on all of these design trends, you are likely to find a creative decision that works for you as well. In general, there has been a shift from “farmhouse” to “modern” trends in recent years that can be seen in this year’s homes. During the tour, people can expect to see more homes with blackened windows and doors, quartz roofs, and toning on the sides, for example.

In previous years, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the production of the show. However, its effects seem to be finally leveling off: “While lumber prices have come down a bit,” Throne explained. “We are seeing a ‘new normal’ for the cost of building materials. So overall home prices are expected to remain at this new level.”

With that settling in, this year’s parade of homes saw further exciting developments. For example, this is the first year that the show will feature a recreated landscape and exterior, and the first year that virtual tours will allow visitors to move around the setting as they see fit! You can also take part in the Peoples’ Choice vote: simply leave a rating from one to five stars for each home you’ve visited to be entered into a drawing for $100, or have some family fun with a scavenger hunt that can lead to one of six prizes.

Get your tickets now: The Parade of Homes will run from June 10-17, and personal remakes will only be available from June 10-12.

Pro reasons.
Pro reasons.

Tickets are sold at and will be available for purchase starting in mid-May. It will be $8 until June 10, when the price will go up to $10.

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