Pillar Guy Garden: Garden of Joy

Why garden? Do you enjoy looking at beautiful landscapes? Do you enjoy growing and eating healthy food or food that you can’t buy locally? Do you enjoy exercise and the health benefits while in an outdoor environment? Is it the way you express yourself artistically? Your wife (husband / wife) make you? are you having fun

I am very much in favor of people gardening to suit themselves first. I wish most of them did, but society sometimes imposes restrictions or standards that have a mitigating effect on self-expression and creativity. For example, some homeowners’ associations have written rules about what type of landscaping is and isn’t allowed. Furthermore, societal standards often discourage various approaches such as creating a vegetable garden in the front yard, instead of or in addition to lawns and ornamental plants.


I have learned over time to appreciate the privacy of gardens. It may not be my cup of tea, and some are heavily decorated with yard art such as ceramic chickens, old bed frames, shiny rocks, flamingos, toilets, and modern sculptures. Like it or not, I respect the fact that others love it and that the creator did what he set out to do. It’s a first for them. If others like it – great.

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