Royal fans are going crazy for the “ordinary” moments of George, Charlotte, and Louis

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis delighted royal fans yesterday when they made a surprise appearance at the Big Help Out event in Slough.

The Prince and Princess of Wales surprised volunteers at the local Scout headquarters when they arrived with their children.

After the coronation ceremony Sunday night, the family spent hours renovating some of the Boy Scouts’ huts for use by local individuals.

Then, clips of the family’s day out were posted on social media – and fans were in awe of how George, Charlotte and Louis looked like any other ‘normal kids’ their age.

The Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English accompanied the family to the Boy Scouts base yesterday and shared a touching clip of Prince Louis, five, happily digging into Reputation.

Picture of Princess Charlotte picking up a biscuit from her ear before putting it in her mouth at yesterday’s event in Slough.

As the Princess of Wales collects Louis’ snack for him, Princess Charlotte is seen enjoying Louis’ meal in the background.

However, fans of the royal family have noticed that Princess Charlotte accidentally dropped some biscuits on the lawn behind her brother.

The video – which has garnered more than 68,000 views – shows the couple’s second child squatting to catch the piece she dropped.

As she watched her little brother being given candy, Charlotte discreetly put the biscuit in her mouth.

Although Louis’ animated reaction to his reputation was the focus of the clip, royal fans pointed out how Charlotte followed the “five-second rule” in the comments.

One of them replied: (He is) great but did anyone notice what his sister was doing in the background?

When I bit off a piece of cracker that fell on the grass, I quickly picked it up. After a few seconds, it entered her mouth. love! Children are the same.

Another added, “Yeah, which goes to show that even royals follow the five-second rule!”

Prince George was pictured using a car window as a mirror to fix his hair after their engagement ended
Royal fans were obsessed with clips showing how “normal” George, Charlotte and Louis are for children their age.
Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte
Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte was seen driving her siblings to the car while Prince Louis continued to eat his beaver

A third wrote: “Yes I did.” (They are) just normal kids like the others.

On top of that, another royal fan captured footage of Kate and William’s three children crowding into a black SUV to head home after their engagement ends.

The adorable seven-second clip shows Charlotte rushing to open the door first to place a window seat.

Next up close, Prince Louis was seen still happily munching on some marshmallows.

Letting his siblings in first, nine-year-old Prince George is taking a step back so he can rearrange his hair — using a car window as a mirror.

One fan replied, “That’s so cute.”

Prince Louis rides a wheelbarrow while helping his mother, Britain’s Catherine Princess of Wales, take part in the Big Help Out in Slough.
Prince George also got in on the action and was photographed using a power drill while renovating an old Scout hut
Princess Charlotte and Prince George watched their little brother and their father in the pits
Kate is seen talking to someone in the crowd and says that Charlotte was in the third grade of the school
Kate is seen talking to someone in the crowd and says that Charlotte was in the third grade of the school

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Another added: “Luis looks like he’s having a good time.” “He’s still eating!”

Meanwhile, a third said, “Lol Louis never sleeps tonight, he ate 10 sweets.”

What’s more, royal fans have also gone for Prince Louis’ impressive work ethic during the engagement as he got caught up in some dozing.

Screenshots posted on Twitter by RoyalllyBelle fan account The couple’s youngest son is shown filling a wheelbarrow with sand.

The young royal – who missed the party last night because it was past bedtime – was dressed in a light blue polo shirt, navy shorts and black Adidas sneakers.

While Louis engaged in the task at hand, two volunteers supervised the king as he shoveled sand.

The 16-second clip shows one of the senior scouts testing the wheelbarrow to see how heavy it is – as loyal Lewis doesn’t stop for a moment.

The adorable clip ends with Louis looking in the direction of the other volunteers – his older sister Charlotte has been refinishing some wood for the huts.

‘He sure knows how to use a hoe,’ answered one, ‘a thing he has done before!’

“It doesn’t juggle small loads either, it really sticks.”

Another gushed: ‘I use it in the garden.’ Adorable!’

A third said, “He’s done it before.” Meanwhile, a fourth added, “It’s great to see him enjoying himself.”

The Princess of Wales has been joint Chief Scout since 2020 and members of the Royal Family joined the volunteers who re-marked the path, excavating a new driveway, sanding and renovating the front door, adding planters to the front of the building and adding a mural to create a permanent image. The legacy of Big Help Out’s work.

William and Kate attended the Big Help Out support alongside senior members of the royal family including the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Big Help Out, which aims to inspire a new generation of volunteers by giving people a taster of what they can achieve, has been endorsed by celebrities across the country.

The plan, which aims to inspire a new generation of volunteers by giving people a taster of what they can achieve, has been supported by celebrities across the country.

More than 1,500 charities have signed up. The Big Help Out is organized by The Together Coalition and leading charities.

During King Charles’ coronation, Prince Louis delighted fans as he shouted to the crowds from the carriage to Westminster Abbeyy and put on Animation on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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