Seasoning expert and hypercooker derek wolf expands line of beer-infused spice blends

The inventive spice company and social media phenomenon have teamed up to create four new beer-infused blends, just in time for grilling season

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Spiceology, the fast-growing spice company known for its innovative signature blends, has once again teamed up with over-cooking guru and social media phenomenon, Derek Wolf (@overthefirecooking), to create new beer-infused barbecue blends. Packaged in fan-favorite resealable beer cans, the Spiceology x Derek Wolf Beer-Infused Rub Set contains a total of ten flavor-packed rubs, all infused with perfectly paired beers.

Now available for purchase, these new four-packs take consumers on a road trip around the US celebrating some of Wolfe’s favorite barbecue styles, including odes to Memphis, East Carolina, and West Texas.

“Since the launch of the six-pack of beer with Spiceology back in 2020, we knew we wanted to expand our beer package line,” said Derek Wolf, Over The Fire Cooking. “Beer and barbecue have always gone together, and these blends provide new ways to experience those flavors. For these new blends, we formulated each specifically with protein in mind.”

These beer-infused mixes can be purchased as four-packs or individual cans, with plastic lids included:

  • Brown Bourbon sticky beer ($14.95): Memphis-style with the sweetness of burnt sugar, notes of bourbon, and a small amount of heat for balance. This mix is ​​designed for pork but is also perfect for baked beans, sauces, roasted vegetables, and compound butters.

  • Sweet Carolina Blonde ($14.95): Inspired by East Carolina mop sauce, this beer-infused mix has flavor, sweetness, and heat all in one. Designed for pork and poultry, this mix is ​​also suitable for chicken, seafood, pasta, rice, and marinades.

  • Smoked Garlic Jalapeno Lager ($14.95): Inspired by West Texas’ love of chile-centric heat. This beer-inflected take on the classic salt and pepper blend is made for beef, but works perfectly with pasta salads, dressings, marinades, roasted vegetables, and more.

  • Big Bad BBQ Ale ($14.95): All-purpose grill mix with all of Derek’s favorite flavors. This mix is ​​made for anything and everything, especially burgers, beef, chicken, pork, vegetables and seafood.

“The original six packs of beer mixes we made with Derek have quickly become one of our most popular product and gift sets,” said Chef Tony Reid, Executive Culinary Division. “For this round, Derek wanted to massage classic barbecue with his personal touch, and adding ingredients like cinnamon, cocoa, and of course, beer brought these classic-style blends to the next level.”

The blends can be found on and are available in individual beer cans or as a set of all four. For more information, see here.

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